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Black Socialist Preacher: The Teachings of Reverend George Washington Woodbey and His Disciple Reverend George W. Slater, Jr., 27: 536-37.

Forcinelli, Joseph

The Democratization of Religion in America: A Commonwealth of Religious Freedom by Design, 33: 362.

Ford, Caroline

Creating the Nation in Provincial France: Religion and Political Identity in Brittany, 37: 901.

Fore, William F.

Television and Religion: The Shaping of Faith, Values, and Culture, 30: 602­-03.

Forest, Jim

Pilgrim in the Russian Church: An American Journalist Encounters a Vibrant Religious Faith in the Soviet Union, 31: 567.

Religion and the New Russia: The Impact of Perestroika on the Varieties of Religious Life in the Soviet Union, 33: 807-09.

Formage, Edwin Brown and Richard Collin Mangrum

Zion in the Courts: A Legal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830-1900, 32: 425-26.

Formicola, Jo Renée and Hubert Morken, eds.

Everson Revisited: Religion, Education and Law at the Crossroads, 41: 396-97.

Formicola, Jo Renee, Mary C. Segers, and Paul Weber

Faith-Based Initiatives and the Bush Administration, 47: 415-17.

Forrest, A. C.

The Unholy Land, 17: 354-55.

Forrester, Duncan B.

Beliefs, Values and Policies: Conviction Politics in a Secular Age, 33: 134-35.

Theology and Politics, 32: 134-35.

Forster, Arnold, and Benjamin R. Epstein

Some of My Best Friends. . ., 6: 384-85.

Forsythe, David P.

Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy: Congress Reconsidered, 31: 568.

Fortman, Bas de Gaay, and Berma Klein Goldewijk

God and the Goods: Global Economy in a Civilizational Perspective, 41: 394-95.

Foss, Michael

The Founding of the Jesuits, 1540, 13: 356.

Fouracre, Paul, and Richard A. Gerberding, eds. and trans.

Late Merovingian France: History and Hagiography, 640-720, 40: 477-78.

Fowden, Garth

Empire to Commonwealth: Consequences of Monotheism in Late Antiquity, 36: 860.

Fowler, James W.

To See the Kingdom: The Theological Vision of H. Richard Niebuhr, 18: 341-44.

Fowler, Robert Booth

New Engagement, A: Evangelical Political Thought, 1966-1976, 26: 126­-27.

Religion and Politics in America, 29: 127-28.

Fowler, Robert Booth and Allen D. Hertzke

Religion and Politics in America: Faith, Culture and Strategic Choices, 38: 903-04.

Fox, Richard G.

Gandhian Utopia: Experiments with Culture, 32: 632-33.

Franck, Thomas M., and Edward Weisband, eds.

Secrecy and Foreign Policy, 20: 577-79.

Frankenberg, Ruth

Living Spirit, Living Practice: Poetics, Politics, Epistemology, 46: 909-10.

Franklin, Robert Michael

Liberating Visions: Human Fulfillment and Social Justice in African-American Thought, 33: 360-61.

Fraser, James W.

Between Church and State: Religion and Public Education in a Multicultural America, 42: 872-73.

Frazier, E. Franklin

The Negro Church in America, 6: 388-90.

Freeman, Curtis W., James Wm. McLendon, Jr., and C. Rosalee Velloso da Silva, eds.

Baptist Roots: A Reader in the Theology of a Christian People, 43: 351-52.

Freeze, Gregory L.

The Russian Levites: Parish Clergy in the Eighteenth Century, 20: 355.

Fregosi, Paul.

Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquests from the 7th to the 21st Centuries, 41: 832-33.

Freidel, Frank, Samuel Eliot Morison, and Frederick Merk

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