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South Asian Religions in the Americas: An Annotated Bibliography of Immigrant Religious Traditions, 38: 914-15.

Fenwick, Lynda Beck

Should the Children Pray? A Historical, Judicial, and Political Examination of Public School Prayer, 34: 386-87.

Ferenc Morton, Szasz

The Protestant Clergy in the Great Plains and Mountain West, 1865-1915, 31: 552.

Fergol, Edward M.

A Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies, 1639-1651, 33: 810-11.

Ferguson, Everett, and Michael P. McHugh

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, 35: 425-26.

Ferguson, Everett, ed.

Early Christianity and Judaism: Studies in Early Christianity, vol. 6, 37: 175.

Studies in Early Christianity: Church and State in the Early Church, vol. 7, 37: 163.

Ferguson, John

War and Peace in the World’s Religions, 22: 144-46.

Ferguson, Thomas P.

Catholic and American: The Political Theology of John Courtney Murray, 37: 438.

Ferm, Deane William

Third World Liberation Theologies: An Introductory Survey, 28: 529-31.

Ferm, Robert L.

Piety, Purity, Plenty: Images of Protestantism in America, 34: 622-23.

Ferraro, Barbara, and Patricia Hussey

No Turning Back: Two Nuns’ Battle with the Vatican over Women’s Right to Choose, 33: 826.

Ferre, Frederick

God and Global Justice: Religion and Poverty in an Unequal World, 29: 556­-57.

Ferreira, Gil, and Michaele W. Marshall

Portugal’s Revolution: Ten Years On, 31: 149-50.

Fetzer, Joel S., and Christopher Soper

Muslims and the State in Britain, France, and Germany, 48: 689-91.

Fevold, Eugene L.

The Lutheran Free Church, 12: 160.

Fewell, Danna Nolan, and David M. Gunn, eds.

Gender, Power, and Promise: The Subject of the Bibles’ First Story, 37: 174.

Fey, Harold E.

With Sovereign Reverence: The First Twenty-Five Years of American United, 17: 154-55.

Fey, Harold E., ed.

A History of the Ecumenical Movement, Volume 2, 1948-1968: The Ecumenical Advance, 16: 334-35.

Fichtenau, Heinrich

Living in the Tenth Century: Mentalities and Social Orders, 34: 382-83.

Fincham, Kenneth

Prelate as Pastor: The Episcopate of James I, 34: 604-05.

Findlay, James F., Jr.

Church People in the Struggle, 36: 613-14.

Fine, John V. A., Jr.

The Bosnian Church, A New Interpreta­tion: A Study of the Bosnian Church and Its Place in State and Society from the 13th to the 15th Century, 21: 583-84.

Finger, Thomas N.

A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology/Biblical, Historical, Constructive, 47: 877-78.

Finke, Roger, and Rodney Stark

Churching of America, 1776-1990, The: Winners and Losers in Our Religious Economy, 35: 619-20.

Churching of America, 1776-2005, The: Winners and Losers in Our Religious Economy, 48: 700-02.

Finkelstein, Louis, ed.

Social Responsibility in an Age of Revolution, 15: 121-23.

Finn, James

A Conflict of Loyalties: The Case for Selec­tive Conscientious Objection, 13: 309.

Finn, James, ed.

Global Economics and Religion, 27: 540-41.

Finnerty, Adam Daniel

No More Plastic Jesus: Global Justice and Christian Lifestyle, 21: 571-72.

Firestone, Reuven

Jihad: The Origin of Holy War in Islam, 42: 378-79.

Fischer, Joachim

Die siichsische Landeskirche im’ Kirchen­kampf, 1933-1937,17: 521-24.

Fischer, Michael M. J.

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