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Taking Rights Seriously, 23: 325-26.

Dwyer, John C.

Foundations of Christian Ethics, 30: 372.

Human Sexuality: A Christian View, 31: 154-55.

Dyke, C. J., and William E. Keeney

The Writings of Dirk Philips, 35: 633-34.

Dykeman, Wilma

Prophet of Plenty: The First Ninety Years of W. D. Weatherford, 11: 559-60.

Dyrud, Keith P.

Quest for the Rusyn Soul, The: The Politics of Religion and Culture in Eastern Europe and in America, 1890-World War I, 37: 187.

Earle, John

Italy in the 1970s, 18: 590-91.

Eastwood, Cyril

The Priesthood of All Believers, 6: 398-99.

Ebony Magazine, eds.

The Ebony Handbook, 20: 151-52.

Eckardt, A. Roy

For Righteousness Sake: Contemporary Moral Philosophies, 30: 588-89.

Jews and Christians: The Contemporary Meeting, 29: 559.

Your People, My People: The Meeting of Jews and Christians, 20: 138-39.

Eckardt, A. Roy, and Alice Eckardt

Encounter With Israel: A Challenge to Conscience, 13: 341-44.

Edel, Wilbur

Defenders of the Faith: Religion and Politics from the Pilgrim Fathers to Ronald Reagan, 31: 137-38.

Edge, Peter W.

Religion and Law: An Introduction, 49: 775-76.

Edwards, Charles S.

Hugo Grotius, The Miracle of Holland: Study in Political and Legal Thought, 24: 622-23.

Eeigenburg, Elton M.

Biblical Foundations and a Method of Doing Christian Ethics, 39: 359-60.

Eger, Wolfgang, ed.

Kirche und Stoat im 19. und 20. Jahrhldert, 18: 140.

Ehler, Sidney Z.

Twenty Centuries of Church and State, 2: 67-69.

Ehrlich, Howard J., and William V. D’Antonio, eds.

Power and Democracy in America, 4: 107-09.

Eickelman, Dale F., and James Piscatori

Muslim Politics, 40: 175-76.

Eide, Oyvind M.

Revolution and Religion in Ethiopia, 43: 355-56.

Eiesland, Nancy L.

The Disabled God: Toward a Liberation Theology of Disability, 38: 918.

Eighmy, John Lee

Churches in Cultural Captivity: A History of the Social Attitudes of Southern Baptists, 19: 581-83.

Einaudi, Mario, and Francois Goguel

Christian Democracy In Italy and France, 14: 340-42.

Eire, Carlos M.N.

War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from Erasmus to Calvin, 30: 140-41.

Eisen, Arnold M.

The Chosen People in America: A Study in Jewish Religious Ideology, 27: 542-43.

Eisenach, Eldon J.

The Next Religious Establishment: National Identity and Political Theology in Post-Protestant America, 43: 373-74.

Eisenberg, Azriel

Witness to the Holocaust, 24: 385-87.

Ekelund, Robert F., Robert D. Hebert, Gary M. Tollison, Robert B. Anderson, and Audrey B. Davidson

Sacred Trust: The Medieval Church as as Economic Firm, 40: 183-84.

Elazar, Daniel, and Shmuel Sandler

Israel at the Polls 1992, 38: 925.

Elazar, Daniel J. and John Kincaid, eds.

The Covenant Connection: From Federal Theology to Modern Federalism, 44: 172-73.

Elazar, Daniel J., ed.

Judea, Samaria, and Gaza: Views on the Present and Future, 26: 356-58.

Kinship and Consent: The Jewish Political Tradition and Its Contemporary Uses, 27: 519-21.

Morality and Power: Contemporary Jewish Views, 36: 180-81.

Elazar, Michael J.

Covenant and Constitutionalism: The Great Frontier and the Matrix of Federal Democracy and Covenant and Civil Society: The Constitutional Matrix of Modern Democracy, 41: 597-98.

El Azhary, M. S.

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