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Toward a Discipline of Social Ethics: Essays in Honor of Walter George Muelder, 16: 335-37.

De Broucker, Jose

Dom Helder Camara: The Violence of a Peacemaker, 13: 354-56.

Deedy, John

American Catholicism: And Now Where?, 30: 598-99.

Deedy, John G., Jr., Martin E. Marty, and David W. Silverman

The Religious Press in America, 6: 392-95.

Dedijer, Vladimir

The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican: The Croatian Massacre of the Serbs During World War II, 35: 900-02.

de Fuenmayor, Amadeo

La Libertad Religiosa, 21: 563-65.

deGary, Wm. Theodore

Asian Values and Human Rights: A Communitarian Perspective, 41: 601.

de George, Richard T., and James P. Scanlan, eds.

Marxism and Religion in Eastern Europe: Papers Presented at the Banff International Slavic Conference, September 4-7, 1974, 20: 343-46.

deGruchy, John W., ed.

Cambridge Companion to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The, 42: 570.

Christianity and Democracy: A Theology for a Just World Order, 39: 161-62.

de Gruchy, John W., and Charles Villa-Vicencio, eds.

Doing Theology in Context: South African Perspectives, 38: 193.

De Jong, Gerald F.

The Reformed Church in China, 1842-1951, 36: 186-87.

de Kadt, Emanuel

Catholic Radicals in Brazil, 13: 146-47.

Dekmejian, R. Hrair

Islam in Revolution: Fundamentalism in the Arab World, 20: 143-44.

De Krey, Gary S.

London and the Restoration, 1659-1583, 47: 879-80.

Della Cava, Ralph

Miracle at Joaseiro, 13: 352-53.

Delzell, Charles F.

Mussolini’s Enemies: The Italian Anti­Fascist Resistance, 4: 231-33.

Delzell, Charles F., ed.

The Papacy and Totalitarianism be­tween the Two World Wars, 18: 333-36.

Dembski, William A., ed.

Mere Creation: Science, Faith & Intelligent Design, 41: 397-98.

Demerath, N.J., III

Crossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics, 44: 823-24.

Demerath, N.J., III, and Rhys H. Williams

A Bridging of Faiths: Religion and Politics in a New England City, 36: 180.

Demos, John Putnam

Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England, 26: 538­-40.

Dempsey, Corinne G.

Kerala Christian Sainthood: Collisions of Culture and Worldview in South India, 44: 347-48.

Dennis, Trevor

Sarah Laughed: Women’s Voices in the Old Testament, 38: 419.

Dempsey, Corinne G.

Kerala Christian Sainthood: Collisions of Culture and Worldview in South India, 44: 347-48.

Dempster, Murray W., Bryon D. Klaus, and Douglas Petersen, eds.

The Globalization of Pentecostalism: A Religion Made to Travel, 43: 166-67.

Deneen, Patrick J.

Democratic Faith, 48: 456-57.

den Tex, Jan

Oldenbarnevelt, 17: 508-11.

Denton, Jeffrey H.

Robert Winchelsey and the Crown, 1294­-1313: A Study in the Defence of Ecclestasti­cal Liberty, 23: 347-48.

Derogy, Jacques

Resistance and Revenge: The Armenian Assassination of Turkish Leaders Responsible for the 1915 Massacres and Deportations, 34: 865-66.

Derr, Thomas Sieger

Ecology and Human Need, 21: 155-56.

de Santa Ana, Julio

Separation without Hope? Essays on the Relation between the Church and the Poor during the Industrial Revolution and the Western Colonial Expansion, 23: 355-57.

Desroche, Henri

The American Shakers: From Neo-Chris­tianity to Pre-Socialism, 16: 138-40.

Detwiler, Fritz

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