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The Elizabethan Puritan Movement, 10: 290-91.

Colliva, Giuliano, and Gia­como de Antonelli

Un Concordato per gli anni settanta: Rap­porti fra Stato e Chiesa dal 1848 a oggi. Patti Lateranen.ri: perche e come una revisione, 19: 579-80.

Colson, Chuck, and Jack Eckard

Why America Doesn’t Work, 35: 179-80.

Columbus, Frank, ed.

Kosovo-Serbia: Just War?, 42: 576-77.

Coman, Peter

Catholics and the Welfare State, 21: 550-52.

Comaroff, Jean, and John Comaroff

Of Revelation and Revolution: Christianity, Colonialism, and Consciousness in South Africa, 34: 627-28.

Commission on Theological Concerns of the Christian Conference of Asia, ed.

Minjung Theology: People as the Subjects of History, 26: 558-59.

Cone, James H.

Black Theology and Black Power, 11: 554-56.

Black Theology of Liberation, A, 15: 149.

God of the Oppressed, 19: 360.

Conkin, Paul K.

American Originals: Homemade Varieties of Christianity, 41: 153-54.

Self-Evident Truths: Being a Discourse on the Origins & Development of the First Principles of American Government-Popu­lar Sovereignty, Natural Rights, and Bal­ance and Separation of Powers, 19: 105-06.

Conkle, David O.

Constitutional Law: The Religion Clauses, 46: 906-07.

Conn, Joann Wolski, and Walter E. Conn, eds.

Horizons on Catholic Feminist Theology, 37: 161.

Conner, Paul W.

Poor Richard’s Politicks: Benjamin Frank­lin and His New American Order, 10: 154.

Conners, Kenneth Wray

Stranger in the Pew, 13: 549.

Connolly, Sean J.

Priests and People in Pre-Famine Ireland, 1780-1845, 25: 364-66.

Connolly, William E.

When all the Gods Trembled: Darwinism, Scopes, and American Intellectuals, 41: 620-21.

Why I Am Not a Secularist, 43: 141-42.

Considine, John J., ed.

The Missionary’s Role in Socio-Economic Betterment, 4: 236-38.

Conway, Flo

Holy Terror: The Fundamentalist War on America’s Freedoms in Religion, Politics, and Our Private Lives, 26: 549-50.

Conway, J. S.

The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933-­1945, 1: 531-34.

Conway, Martin

Catholic Politics in Europe, 1918-1945, 44: 351-52.

Cooey, Paula M.

Family, Freedom, and Faith: Building Community Today, 39: 610-11.

Willing the Good: Jesus, Dissent, and Desire, 49: 370-71.

Cook, David

Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature, 48: 687-88.

Cook, Elizabeth Adell, and Ted G. Jelen

Between Two Absolutes: Public Opinion and the Politics of Abortion, 36: 169.

Cook, Elizabeth Adell, Ted G. Jelen, and Clyde Wilcox, eds.

Between Two Absolutes: Public Opinion and the Politics of Abortion, 37: 185.

Cookson, Catharine

Regulating Religion: The Courts and the Free Exercise Clause, 44: 171-72.

Cookson, Catharine, gen. ed., with Satvinder Singh Juss and Derek H. Davis, assoc. eds.

Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom, 47: 651-52.

Cooney, John

American Pope, The: The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman, 29: 328-30.

John Charles McQuaid: Ruler of Catholic Ireland, 43: 147-48.

Cooper, John Charles

Religious Pied Pipers: A Critique of Radical Right-Wing Religion, 25: 545-48.

Cooper-Lewter, Nicholas, and Henry H. Mitchell

Soul Theology: The Heart of American Black Culture, 35: 430-31.

Coote, Robert B., and Mary P. Coote

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