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The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, vol. 13, Selected Book Reviews, 44: 844-46.

Coffey, John

Persecution and Toleration in Protestant England, 1558-1689, 44: 355-56.

Coggins, James Robert

John Smyth’s Congregation: English Separatism, Mennonite Influence, and the Elect Nation, 35: 181-82.

Cohen, Asher, and Bernard Susser

Israel and the Politics of Jewish Identity, 43: 810-11.

Cohen, Arthur A.

The Tremendum: A Theological Interpretation of the Holocaust, 24: 159-60

Cohen, Jeremy

Congress Shall Make No Law: Oliver Wendell Holmes, the First Amendment, and Judicial Decision Making, 32: 645-46.

Cohen, Mark

Under Crescent and Cross: The Jews in the Middle Ages, 38: 177.

Cohen, Martin A., ed.

The Jewish Experience in Latin America. Selected Studies from the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, 16: 133-34.

Cohen, Richard I.

The Burden of Conscience: French Jewish Leadership During the Holocaust, 30: 370-71.

Cohen, Ronald D.

Church and State in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts: Another Look at the Antinomian Controversy, 12: 475-94.

Cohen, Sherrill

The Evolution of Women’s Asylums since 1500: From Refuges for Ex-Prostitutes to Shelters for Battered Women, 36: 878.

Cohen, Stuart A.

Scroll or the Sword, The?: Dilemmas of Religion and Military Service in Israel, 41: 376-77.

Three Crowns, The: Structures of Communal Politics in Early Rabbinic Jewry, 34: 874-75.

Cohen, Susan Sarah, ed.

Antisemitism: An Annotated Bibliography, 35: 432-33.

Cohn, Haim H.

Jewish Law in Ancient and Modern Israel, 20: 358-59.

Colaianni, James

The Catholic Left: The Crisis of Radicalism Within the Church, 12: 309-10.

Cole, C. Robert, and Michael E. Moody, eds.

The Dissenting Tradition: Essays for Leland H. Carlson, 20: 555-56.

Cole, Juan R.I., and Nikki R. Keddie, eds.

Shi’ism and Social Protest, 29: 544-45.

Coleby, Andrew N.

Central Government and the Localties: Hampshire 1649-1689, 31: 143-44.

Coleman, John A., S.J., ed.

One Hundred Years of Catholic Social Thought, 35: 416-18.

Coleman, Michael C.

Presbyterian Missionary Attitudes Toward American Indians, 1837-1893, 29: 333-35.

Coleman, Richard J.

Issues of Theological Warfare: Evangelicals and Liberals, 17: 546-47.

Coleman-Norton, P. R.

Roman State and Christian Church, A Col­lection of Legal Documents to A.D. 535, 10: 481-82.

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

On the Constitution of the Church and State according to the Idea of Each, 18: 124-25.

Coles, Robert

The Secular Mind, 43: 140-41.

Coles, Robert, and Daniel Berrigan

The Geography of Faith: Conversations Between Damel Berrigan when Under­ground, and Robert Coles, 14: 137-39.

Coletta, Paolo E.

William Jennings Bryan. Volume 3: Politi­cal Puritan, 1915-1925, 14: 148-49.

Collie, William E., and Nicho­las Piediscalzi, eds.

Teaching about Religion in Public Schools, 22: 147-48.

Collins, Donald E.

When the Church Bells Rang Racist: The Methodist Church and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, 41: 842-43.

Collins, Jeffrey

Papacy and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Rome: Pius VI and the Arts, 49: 573-74.

Collins, Michael

The Fisherman’s Net: The Influence of the Popes on History, 48: 467-68.

Collinson, Patrick

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