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Struggle for America’s Soul, The: Evangelicals, Liberals, and Secularism, 33: 153-55.

Wyatt-Brown, Bertram

Lewis Tappan and the Evangelical War Against Slavery, 14: 146-47.

Wynne, Edward

Traditional Catholic Religious Orders: Living in Community, 31: 561.

Wyzanski, Charles E., Jr.

Whereas—A Judge’s Premises, 9: 280-81.

Yannoulatos, Archbishop Anastasios

Facing the World: Orthodox Christian Essays on Global Concerns, 48: 460-61.

Yates, Gerald F., ed.

Papal Thought on the State, 3: 100-01.

Yavuz, M. Hakan, and John L. Esposito, eds.

Turkish Islam and the Secular State: The Gülen Movement, 46: 650-51.

Yazbeck, Yvonne, ed.

The Islamic Impact, 27: 522-24.

Yoder, John Howard

Karl Barth and the Problem of War, 14: 131-33.

Original Revolution, The: Essays on Chris­tian Pacifism, 16: 517-19.

Politics of Jesus, The: Vicit Agnus Noster, 18: 115-17.

What Would You Do? A Serious Answer to a Standard Question, 27: 146-47.

Yoder, Perry B., and William B. Swartley, eds.

The Meaning of Peace: Biblical Studies, 35: 890-91.

Yokley, Raytha L., Ann K. Nelsen, and Hart M. Nelsen, eds.

The Black Church in America, 15 : 305-06.

Yolton, John W.

The Two Intellectual Worlds of John Locke: Man, Person, and Spirits in the “Essay”, 48: 873-74.

Yolton, John W., ed.

John Locke: Problems & Perspectives, 15: 132-34.

Young, Glennys

Power and the Sacred in Revolutionary Russia, Religious Activists in the Village, 41: 385-87.

Young, Henry J.

Major Black Religious Leaders since 1940, 24: 172-73.

Young, James, and Marjorie Hope

The South African Churches in a Revolu­tionary Situation, 24: 619-21.

Young, Josiah U.

Black and African Theologies: Siblings or Distant Cousins?, 30: 151-52.

Young, Louise B., ed.

Population in Perspective, 10: 479-81.

Young, William A.

Quest for Harmony: Native American Spiritual Traditions, 49: 375-77.

Youngblood, Robert L.

Marcos Against the Church: Economic Development and Political Repression in the Phillipines, 34: 603.

Younger, George D.

Church and Urban Power Structure, The, 7: 277-78.

Church and Urban Renewal, The, 7: 469-71.

Yuhaus, Cassian, ed.

The Catholic Church and American Culture: Reciprocity and Challenge, 33: 359-60.

Zabel, James A.

Nazism and the Pastors: A Study of Three Deutsche Christen Groups, 20: 357-58.

Zaeske, Susan

Signatures of Citizenship: Petitioning, Antislavery and Women’s Political Identity, 45: 836-37.

Zagorin, Perez

How the Idea of Religious Toleration Came to the West, 46: 896-97.

Zahn, Gordon C.

German Catholics and Hitler’s Wars: A Study in Social Control, 4: 225-27.

Military Chaplaincy, The: A Study of Role Tension in the Royal Air Force, 11: 510-31.

Zanca, Kenneth J., ed. and comp.

American Catholics and Slavery: 1789-1866: An Anthology of Primary Documents, 38: 919.

Zaretsky, Irving L., and Mark P. Leone, eds.

Religious Movements in Contemporary America, 22: 152-53.

Zatko, James J.

Descent Into Darkness: The Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church in Russia, 1917-1923, 9: 110-11.

Zeldin, Theodore, ed.

Conflicts in French Society: Anticlericalism, Education and Morals in the 19th Century, 14: 351-52.

Zeps, Michael J.

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