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Civil Rights, the Constitution, and the Courts, 11: 166-67.

Wijngaards, John

The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church: Unmasking a Cockoo’s Egg Tradition, 45: 175-76.

Wiktorowicz, Quintan

The Management of Islamic Activism: Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and State Power in Jordan, 43: 605.

Wilbanks, Dana W.

Re-Creating America: The Ethics of U.S. Immigration and Refugee Policy in a Christian Perspective, 40: 913-14.

Wilcox, Clyde

Onward Christian Soldiers? The Religious Right in American Politics, 39: 609-10.

Wilcox, John R., and Irene H. King, eds.

Enhancing Religious Identity: Best Practices From Catholic Campuses, 44: 170-71.

Wild, John

Human Freedom and Social Order: An Essay in Christian Philosophy, 3: 94-97.

Wilkie, William E.

The Cardinal Protectors of England: Rome and the Tudors before the Reformation, 17: 507-08.

Wilks, Michael J.

The Problem of Sovereignty in the Later Middle Ages: The Papal Monarchy with Augustinus Triumphus and the Publicists, 7: 292-95.

Wille, Wilhelm, and Gerhard Hoffman, eds.

World Mission and World Communism, 17: 537-38.

Willebrands, Johannes Cardinal

Church and Jewish People, 36: 625.

Willems, Emilio

Followers of the New Faith: Culture Change and the Rise of Protestantism in Brazil and Chile, 11: 156-59.

Williams, Derek

The Reach of Rome: A History of the Roman Imperial Frontier, 1st-5th Centuries AD, 41: 378-79.

Williams, Edward J.

Latin American Christian Democratic Par­ties, 11: 333-34.

Williams, Ethel L., and Clifton L. Brown

Afro-American Religious Studies: A Com­prehensive Bibliography with Locations in American Libraries, 19: 135-36.

Williams, George Huntston

Mind of John Paul II, The: Origins of His Thought and Action, 23: 574-76.

Radical Reformation, The: 5: 109-10.

Williams, George Huntston, ed. and trans.

The Polish Brethren: Docu­mentation of the History and Thought of Unitarianism in the Polish-Lithuanian Com­monwealth and in the Diaspora, 1601-1685, 24: 390-91.

Williams, Michael E.

Isaac Taylor Tichenor: The Creation of the Baptist New South, 48: 705-06.

St. Alban’s College Valladolid: Four Centuries of English Catholic Presence in Spain, 30: 173-74.

Williams, Peter W.

Popular Religion in America: Symbol Change and the Modernization Process in Historical Perspective, 23: 151-53.

Williams, Philip J.

The Catholic Church and Politics in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, 33: 149-50.

Williams, Rhys H., ed.

Culture Wars in American Politics: Critical Reviews of a Popular Myth, 41: 159-60.

Williamson, Rene de Visme

Politics and Protestant Theology: An Interpretation of Tillich, Barth, Bonhoeffer, and Brunner, 21: 135-36

Wills, David W.

Christianity in the United States: A Historical Survey and Interpretation, 48: 703.

Wills, Garry

Politics and Catholic Freedom, 7: 266-68.

Wills, Gregory A.

Democratic Religion: Freedom, Authority, and Church Discipline in the Baptist South, 46: 666-68.

Wilson, Charles Reagan

Baptized in Blood: The Religion of the Lost Cause, 1865-1920, 24: 610-12.

Wilson, E. Raymond

Uphill for Peace: Quaker Impact on Congress, 19: 583-85.

Wilson, Jerry B.

Death by Decision: The Medical, Moral, and Legal Dilemmas of Euthanasia, 19: 344-44.

Wilson, John F.

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