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Wessinger, Catherine Millennialism, Persecution & Violence: Historical Cases, 44: 183-84

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Wessinger, Catherine

Millennialism, Persecution & Violence: Historical Cases, 44: 183-84.

West, Charles C.

The Power to Be Human: Toward A Secular Theology, 14: 511-13.

West, Henry R.

An Introduction to Mill’s Utilitarian Ethics, 47: 876-77.

Westerhoff, John H., III

McGuffey and His Readers: Piety, Moral­ity, and Education in Nineteenth-Century America, 21: 567-68.

Westerlund, David, ed.

Questioning the Secular State: The Worldwide Resurgence of Religion in Politics, 39: 580-81.

Westin, Gunnar

The Free Church Through the Ages, 1: 43-45.

Westin, Gunnar, and Torsten Bergsten, eds.

Balthasar Hubmaier: Schriften, 5: 268-69.

West, John G., Jr., and Sonja E. West

The Theology of Welfare: Protestants, Catholics and Jews in Conversations about Welfare, 44: 178-79.

Weth, Rudolph, and Ernst Feil, eds.

Diskussion zur “Theologie der Revolution,” 18: 576-79.

Whalen, William J.

Faith for the Few, 6: 408.

Whaley, Joachim

Religious Toleration and Social Change in Hamburg, 1529-1819, 28: 558-59.

Wheaton, Philip E., and Alice L. Hageman, eds.

Religion in Cuba Today: A New Church in a New Society, 14: 358.

White, Jack

Minority Report: The Protestant Commu­nity in the Irish Republic, 21: 585-86.

White, Michael, and O. Larry Yarborough, eds.

The Social World of the First Christians: Essays in Honor of Wayne A. Meeks, 39: 352.

White, Norman

Religion, Politics, and the Higher Learning, 3: 79-83.

White, Ronald C. Jr.

Liberty and Justice for All: Racial Reform and the Social Gospel (1877-1925), 34: 626-27.

White, Ronald C., Jr., and Albright G. Zimmerman, eds.

An Unsettled Arena: Religion and the Bill of Rights, 34: 606-07.

White, Ronald C., Jr., and C. Howard Hopkins

The Social Gospel: Religion and Reform in Changing America, 20: 332-34.

Whitehead, John S.

The Separation of College and State: Colum­bia, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale, 1776­-1876, 17: 309-11.

Whitehead, John W.

Rights of Religious Persons in Public Education, The, 34: 866-68.

Second American Revolution, The, 25 : 354-56.

Whitney, John R., and Susan W. Howe

Religious Literature of the West, 19: 369.

Whitsel, Bradley

The Church Universal and Triumphant: Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Apocalyptic Movement, 46: 418-19.

Whitson, Robley Edward

The Coming Convergence of World Reli­gions, 15: 323-24.

Whitten, Mark Weldon

The Myth of Christian America: What You Need to Know About the Separation of Church and State, 42: 873-74.

Whyte, John H,

Catholics in Western Democracies: A Study in Political Behaviour, 24: 400-402.

Church and State in Modern Ireland, 1923­-1970, 15: 318-20.

Church and State in Modern Ireland, 1923­-1970, 2nd ed., 24: 391-93.

Wicker, Brian

First the Political Kingdom: A Personal Appraisal of the Catholic Left in Britain, 18: 144.

Wickeri, Philip L.

Seeking the Common Ground: Protestant Christianity, the Three-Self Movement, and China’s United Front, 32: 128-30.

Wiebe, Donald

The Politics of Religious Studies: The Continuing Conflict with Theology in the Academy, 43: 370-71.

Wigger, John H.

Taking Heaven by Storm: Methodism and the Rise of Popular Christianity in America, 41: 390-91.

Wiggins, J. R., Archibald Cox, and Mark DeWolfe Howe

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