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Soul of Politics, The, 38: 426-27.

Wallis, Jim, and Joyce Hollyday, eds.

Cloud of Witnesses, 34: 881-82.

Walsh, J. P. M., S.J.

The Mighty From Their Thrones: Power in the Biblical Tradition, 32: 652-53.

Walter, Erich A., et al., eds.

Religion and the State University, 2: 81-84.

Walters, Kerry S.

The American Deists: Voices of Reason and Dissent in the Early Republic, 35: 905-06.

Walters, James W., ed.

War No More? Options in Nuclear Ethics, 33: 157-58.

Walters, Ronald G.

American Reformers, 1815-1860, 22: 160-61.

Walton, Hanes, Jr.

The Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr., 16: 534-36.

Walton, Robert C.

Zwingli’s Theocracy, 12: 147-49.

Waltz, Susan E.

Human Rights and Reform: Changing the Face of North African Politics, 39: 349-50.

Walzer, Michael

Arguing About War, 48: 201-03.

Just and Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument with Historical Illustrations, 23: 342-44.

On Toleration, 41: 142-44.

Revolution of the Saints, The: A Study in the Origins of Radical Politics, 8: 457-58.

Wardle, Lynn D., and Mary Anne Q. Wood

A Lawyer Looks at Abortion, 25: 170-71.

Wardman, Alan

Religion and Statecraft Among the Romans, 26: 117-18.

Warner, Carolyn M.

Confessions of an Interest Group: The Catholic Church and Political Parties in Europe, 44: 353-54.

Warner, Stephen R., and Judith Wittner

Gatherings in Diaspora: Religious Communities and the New Immigration, 42: 200-01.

Warren, Austin

The New England Conscience, 11: 553.

Warren, Roland L.

Loyal Dissenter: The Life and Times of Robert Pike, 35: 637.

Washington, James M.

Essential Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., The, 29: 537-38.

Frustrated Fellowship: The Black Baptist Quest for Social Power, 29: 555-56.

Washington, Joseph R., Jr.

Black and White Power Subreption, 12: 346­-47.

Black Religion: The Negro and Christianity in the United States, 8: 122-23.

Race and Religion in Early 19th Century America, 1800-1850: Constitution, Conscience and the Calvinist Compromise, 32: 430-31.

Waskow, Arthur I.

The Bush Is Burning! Radical Judaism Faces the Pharaohs of the Modern Superstate, 17: 548-49.

Wasserstein, David J.

The Caliphate in the West: An Islamic Political Institution in the Iberian Peninsula, 38: 661-62.

Waterman, Bryan, and Brian Kagel

The Lord’s University: Freedom and Authority at BYU, 42: 195-96.

Watley, William D.

Roots of Resistance: The Nonviolent Ethic of Martin Luther King, Jr., 31: 576.

Watson, Alan

The State, Law and Religion: Pagan Rome, 35: 406.

Watson, Justin

The Christian Coalition: Dreams of Restoration, Demands for Recognition, 40: 702-03.

Watt, J. A.

The Church and the Two Nations in Medie­val Ireland, 13: 363-64.

Watt, Jeffrey R.

Choosing Death: Suicide and Calvinism in Early Modern Geneva, 43: 816-17.

Watts, David Harrington

A Transforming Faith: Explorations of Twentieth-Century American Evangelicalism, 35: 423-24.

Watts, Michael R.

The Dissenters: Vol. 1, From the Reforma­tion to the French Revolution, 21: 537-38.

Wead, R. Douglas

Tonight They’ll Kill a Catholic, 19: 131.

Weaver, Mary Jo, and Scott Appleby

Being Right: Conservative Catholics in America, 38: 902.

Weaver, Mary Jo, ed.

What’s Left? American Catholics, 42: 592-93.

Webb, Diana

Patrons and Defenders: The Saints in the Italian City-States, 40: 187-88.

Webb, Leicester C.

Church and State in Italy: 1947-1957, 2: 199-204.

Webb, Stephen H.

American Providence: A Nation With a Mission, 48: 228-30.

Webber, Robert E.

How to Choose a Christian College, 20: 365.

Moral Majority, The: Right or Wrong? 24: 603-05.

Weber, Donald

Rhetoric and History in Revolutionary New England, 30: 601-02.

Weber, Hans-Ruedi, ed.

Experiments With Man, 13: 164-65.

Weber, Paul J., and Dennis A. Gilbert

Private Churches and Public Money: Church-Government Fiscal Relations, 23: 591-92.

Weber, Paul J., ed.

Equal Separation: Understanding the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment, 33: 601-02.

Weber, Ronald, ed.

America in Change: Reflections on the 60s and 70s, 17: 346.

Weber, Ronald, and Walter Nicgorski, eds.

An Almost Chosen People: The Moral Aspi­rations of Americans, 21: 132-34.

Webre, Stephen

Jose Napoleon Duarte and the Christian Democratic Party in Salvadoran Politics, 1960-1972, 24: 139-41.

Webster, Alexander F. C., and Darrell Cole

The Virtue of War: Reclaiming the Classic Christian Traditions East and West, 47: 414-15.

Webster, Richard A.

The Cross and the Fasces: Christian Demo­cracy and Fascism in Italy, 5: 133-35.

Webster, Tom

Godly Clergy in Early Stuart England: The Caroline Puritan Movement, c. 620-1643, 40: 903-04.

Wegenast, Klaus, et al.

Trennungvon Kirche und Staat? Junstische, theologische und politlsche Stimmen zu einem alten Problem, 21: 362-63.

Weigel, George

Catholicism and the Renewal of American Democracy, 32: 889-90.

Soul of the World: Notes on the Future of Public Catholicism, 39: 581-82.

Weigel, George, and Robert Royal, eds.

Building the Free Society: Democracy, Capitalism, and Catholic Social Teaching, 37: 164.

Century of Catholic Social Thought: Essays on “Rerum Novarum” and Nine Other Key Documents, A, 34: 858-60.

Cube and the Cathedral, The: Europe, America, and Politics Without God, 48: 218-20.

Weigel, Gustave

Faith and Understanding in America, 3: 71­-73.

Weigel, Gustave, and Robert McAfee Brown

An American Dilemma, 3: 216-18.

Weigert, Kathleen Maas, and Alexia K. Kelley

Living the Catholic Social Tradition: Cases and Commentary, 48: 211-13.

Wei-hsun Fu, Charles, and Sandra A. Wawrytko, eds.

Buddhist Behavioral Codes and the Modern World: An International Symposium, 38: 907.

Weinstein, Donald

Savonarola and Florence: Prophecy and Patriotism in the Renaissance, 15: 303-05.

Weir, David A.

Early New England: A Covenanted Society, 48: 223-24, 471-73.

Weisband, Edward, and Thomas M. Franck, eds.

Secrecy and Foreign Policy, 20: 577-79.

Weisberg, Richard H.

Vichy Law and the Holocaust in France, 40: 188-89.

Weisbrod, Carol

The Boundaries of Utopia, 23: 592-94.

Weis, Rene

The Yellow Cross: The Story of the Last Cathars, 1290-1329, 44: 153-54.

Weiss, Anita M.

Islamic Reassertion in Pakistan: The Application of Islamic Laws in a Modern State, 30: 171.

Weithman, Paul J., ed.,

Religion and Liberalism, 42: 187-88.

Weitz, Eric

A Century of Genocide: Utopias of Race and Nation, 46: 660-61.

Weitz, Mark A.

Clergy Malpractice in America: Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley, 45: 189-90.

Welch, D. Don

Conflicting Agendas: Personal Morality in Institutional Settings, 38: 428-29.

Welch, Holmes

Buddhism under Mao, 18: 545-48.

Welch, Julia, and Philip Garvin

Religious America, 19: 367-68.

Welch, Sharon D.

Communities of Resistance and Solidarity: A Feminist Theology of Liberation, 29: 158.

Feminist Ethic of Risk, A, 34: 171-72.

Wells, Colin

The Devil & Doctor Dwight: Satire & Theology in the Early American Republic, 46: 150-51.

Wells, Ronald A., ed.

The Wars of America: Christian Views, 35: 892-93.

Wennberg, Robert N.

Life in the Balance: Exploring the Abortion Controversy, 28: 554.

Wentz, Richard E.

Religion in the New World: The Shaping of Religious Traditions in the United States, 35: 162-63.

Wenz, Peter S.

Abortion Rights as Religious Freedom, 36: 399.

Werblowsky, R. J. Zwi, and Geoffrey Wigoder

The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, 40: 471-72.

Wersich, Rudiger Bernd

Zeitgenosszcher Rechtsextremismus in den Vereinigten Staaten: Organisation, Ideolo­gie, Methoden und Einfluss, dargestellt unter Berucksichtigung der John Birch Society, 23: 572-73.

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