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Conscience: Its Freedom and Limitations, 15: 465-69.

Biermans, John

Odyssey of New Religious Movements, The: Persecution, Struggle, Legitimation: A Case Study of the Unification Church, 30: 359-60.

Bilhartz, Terry D.

Urban Religion and the Second Great Awakening: Church and Society in Early National Baltimore, 29: 353-54.

Binder, Leonard

Ideological Revolution in the Middle East, The, 7: 446-47.

Religion and Politics in Pakistan, 5: 114-16.

Bird, Thomas E., Richard H. Marshall, and Andrew Q. Blane, eds.

Aspects of Religion in the Soviet Union, 1917-1967, 13: 518-19.

Birely, Robert

Religion and Politics in the Age of the Counterreformation: Emperor Ferdinand II, William Lamormaini, S.J., and the Formation of Imperial Policy, 26: 133-34.

Birmingham, William, ed.

What Modern Catholics Think About Birth Control, 7: 473-76.

Birnbaum, Ervin

The Politics of Compromise: State and Reli­gion in Israel, 14: 537-42.

Birnbaum, Max P.

Staat und Synagoge, 1918-1938: Eine Ge­schichte des Preussischen Landesverbandes juedischer Gemeinden, 25: 166-67.

Birnbaum, Pierre, and Ira Katznelson, eds.

Paths of Emancipation: Jews, States and Citizenship, 39: 794-95.

Bissett, Jim

Agrarian Socialism in America: Marx, Jefferson, and Jesus in the Oklahoma Countryside, 43: 363-65.

Bisson, Thomas N.

Tormented Voices: Power, Crisis, and Humanity in Rural Catalonia, 1140-1200, 41: 380.

Bisson, Thomas N., ed.

Cultures of Power: Lordship, Status, and Process in Twelfth-Century Europe, 39: 352-53.

Blackbourn, David

Class, Religion and Local Politics in Wil­helmine Germany: The Centre Party in Wurttemberg before 1914, 23: 354-55.

Blackie, Bruce L.

Gods of Goodness: The Sophisticated Idolatry of the Main Line Churches, 19: 598-99.

Blaker, Kimberly, ed.

The Fundamentals of Extremism: The Christian Right in America, 46: 901-02.

Blanshard, Paul

American Freedom and Catholic Power, 1: 45-46.

Freedom and Catholic Power in Spain and Portugal: An American Interpretation, 4: 227-29.

God and Man in Washington, 2: 75-77.

Religion and the Schools: The Great Con­troversy, 7: 114-15.

Blanshard, Paul, ed.

Classics of Free Thought, 21: 355-56.

Blasi, Anthony J.

Making Charisma: The Social Construction of Paul’s Public Image, 35: 431-32.

Blet, Pierre, Angelo Martini, and Burkart Schneider, eds.

Records and Documents of the Holy See Relating to the Second World War. Volume I: The Holy See and the War in Europe, March 1939-August 1940, 11: 557-58.

Blevins, Leon W.

The Young Voters Manual: A Topical Dictionary of American Government and Politics, 17: 348-49.

Blickle, Peter

The Revolution of 1525: The German Peas­ants’ War from a New Perspective, 25: 163­-65.

Block, Ed, Jr.

Glory, Grace, and Culture: The Work of Hans Urs Von Balthasar, 48: 454-55.

Block, Eugene B.

And May God Have Mercy: The Case Against Capital Punishment, 6: 255-56.

Block, Walter

U.S. Bishops and Their Critics, The: An Economic and Ethical Perspective, 29: 562-63.

Block, Walter, and Donald Shaw, eds.

Theology, Third World Development and Economic Justice, 28: 556-57.

Bloomfield, Edward H.

Opposition to the English Separatists, 1570-1625, The: A Survey of the Polemical Literature Written by the Opponents to Separatism, 26: 144-45.

Blumberg, Herbert H., and A. Paul Hare, eds.

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