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Resilience of Christianity in the Modern World, The, 36: 404-05.

Resilience of Conservative Religion, The: The Case of Popular, Conservative Protestant Congregations, 44: 840-41.

Tanner, Kathryn

The Politics of God: Christian Theologies and Social Justice, 36: 166-67.

Tapp, Robert B.

Religion among the Unitarian Universalists: Converts in the Stepfather’s House, 20: 361-­62.

Target, G. W.

Unholy Smoke, 12: 540-41.

Tarr, G. Alan

Judicial Impact and State Supreme Courts, 21: 542-43.

Tatla, Darshan Singh

The Sikh Diaspora: The Search for Statehood, 42: 175-76.

Tatlovich, Raymond, and W. Daynes Byron

The Politics of Abortion: A Study of Community Conflict in Public Policy Making, 26: 121-22.

Taves, Ernest H.

This is the Place: Brigham Young and the New Zion, 33: 817.

Taylor, Jeffrey Wayne

The Formation of the Primitive Baptist Movement, 47: 632-34.

Taylor, John

Baptists on the American Frontier: A History of Ten Baptist Churches of Which the Author Has Been Alternately a Member, 39: 603-04.

Taylor, J. V.

Christianity and Politics in Africa, 2: 197-99.

Taylor, Mark Kline

Remembering Esperanza: A Cultural-Political Theology for North American Praxis, 33: 136-37.

Taylor, Mark Lewis

Executed God, The: The Way of the Cross in Lockdown America, 44: 180-81.

Religion, Politics, and the Christian Right: Post-9/11 Powers and American Empire, 48: 231-32.

Taylor, Richard K., and Ronald J. Sider

Nuclear Holocaust and Christian Hope: A Book for Christian Peacemakers, 25: 554-55.

Taylor, William B.

Magistrates of the Sacred: Priests and Parishioners in Eighteenth-Century Mexico, 39: 592-93.

Tec, Nechama

When Light Pierced the Darkness: Christian Rescue of Jews in Nazi-Occupied Poland, 31: 316-17.

Templin, Ralph T.

Democracy and Nonviolence: The Role of the Individual in World Crisis, 19: 590-91.

Terpstra, Nicholas

Lay Confraterities and Civic Religion in Renaissance Bologna, 39: 587-88.

Terray, Laszlo G.

He Could Not Do Otherwise: Bishop Lajos Ordass, 1901-1978, 40: 689-90.

Tessler, Mark

A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 39: 344-45.

Thatcher, Joan

The Church Responds, 13: 549.

Thériault, Barbara

“Conservative Revolutionaries”: Protestant and Catholic Churches in Germany after Radical Political Change, 47: 627-28.

Thielicke, Helmut

Freedom of the Christian Man, The, 6: 106-07.

Theological Ethics, Volume 2, Politics, 13: 131-32.

Thielman, Frank

Paul and the Law: A Contextual Approach, 38: 649.

Thierstein, Joel, and Yahya R. Kamalipour, eds.

Religion, Law, and Freedom: A Global Perspective, 42: 847-48.

Thobaben, Robert G., and Nicholas Piediscalzi, eds.

From Hope to Liberation: Towards a New Marxist-Christian Dialogue, 18: 372-73

Thomas, Abraham Vazhayil

Christians in Secular India, 18: 348-50.

Thomas, John L.

Religion and the American People, 6: 246-48.

Thomas, R. Murray

God in the Classroom: Religion and America’s Public Schools, 49: 577-78.

Thomas, Robert David

“With Bleeding Footsteps”: Mary Baker Eddy’s Path to Religious Leadership, 38: 643-44.

Thomas, Theodore N.

Women Against Hitler: Christian Resistance in the Third Reich, 38: 911.

Thomasma, David

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