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Universities, Academics and the Great Schism, 24: 171.

Swanson, Wayne R.

The Christ Child Goes to Court, 33: 607.

Swartley, Willard M., ed.

Love of Enemy and Nonretaliation in the New Testament, The, 37: 188.

Swartz, Mary, and Marvin Tokayer

The Fugu Plan: The Untold Story of the Japanese and the Jews during World War II, 23: 367-68.

Swatos, William H., Jr.

Politics and Religion in Central and Eastern Europe: Traditions and Transitions, 38: 420-21.

Swatos, William H., Jr., ed.

Gender and Religion, 37: 162.

Sweetman, Brendan

Why Politics Needs Religion: The Place of Religious Arguments in the Public Square, 49: 555-56.

Swidler, Leonard

Freedom in the Church, 12: 141-43.

Swidler, Leonard, and Edward James Grace, eds.

Catholic-Communist Collaboration in Italy, 32: 423-24.

Swidler, Leonard, and Lewis John Eron

Bursting the Bond?: A Jewish-Christian Dialogue on Jesus and Paul, 34: 870-71.

Swift, David E.

Black Prophets of Justice: Activist Clergy Before the Civil War, 33: 361-62.

Swihart, Altman K.

Luther and the Lutheran Church, 4: 122-23.

Swoboda, Jorg, and Richard V. Pierard, eds.

The Revolution of the Candles: Christians in the Revolution of the German Democratic Republic, 39: 590-91.

Swomley, John M., Jr.

American Empire: The Political Ethics of Twentieth-Century Conquest, 20: 133-34.

Military Establishment, The, 7: 283-84.

Politics of Liberation, The, 28: 529-31.

Religion, the State and the Schools, 11: 345.

Religious Liberty and the Secular Siate: The Constitutional Context, 30: 154-55.

Syme, Eric

A History of SDA Church-State Relations in the United States, 20: 563-65.

Synan, Edward A.

The Popes and the Jews in the Middle Ages, 8: 288-90.

Syrkin, Marie

The State of the Jews, 24: 160-61.

Szajkowski, Zosa

Jews and the French Revolutions of 1789, 1830 and 1848, 13: 141-42.

Jews, Wars, and Communism, Volume 1, The Attitude of American Jews to World War I, the Russian Revolutions of 1917, and Communism (1914-1945), 18: 560-61.

Jews, Wars, and Communism, Volume 2, The Impact of the 1919-20 Red Scare on American Jewish Life, 18: 560-61.

Szasz, Ferenc M.

Divided Mind of Protestant America, 1880-1930, The, 25: 357-58.

Religion in the Modern American West, 44: 167-68.

Szasz, Ferenc M., and Richard W. Etulain

Religion in Modern New Mexico, 41: 152-53.

Szasz, Thomas

The Theology of Medicine: The Political-Philosophical Foundations of Medical Ethics, 32: 438-39.

Szczesniak, Boleslaw, trans. and ed.

The Russian Revolution and Religion: A Col­lection of Documents Concerning the Sup­pression of Religion by the Communists, 1917-1925, 4: 94-96.

Szeplaki, Joseph, comp.

Bibliography on Cardinal Mindsunty (1892­-1975), 21: 368.

Tabor, James D., and Eugene V. Gallagher

Why Waco? Cults and the Battle for Religious Freedom in America, 40: 209-10.

Takizawa, Nobuhiko

Separation of Religion and the State: The Development of the Judicial Doctrines in the United States of America, 28: 325-26.

Talmon, Jacob L.

Israel among the Nations, 17: 145-50.

Talonen, Jouko

Church under the Pressure of Stalinism: The Development of the Status and Activities of the Soviet Latvian Evangelical-Lutheran Church in 1944-1950, 42: 176-77.

Tamney, Joseph B.

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