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Aaron, Thomas E., Henry J. Mann, and Timothy Taylor, eds.

Values and Public Policy, 37: 436.

Abd-Allah, Umar F.

Islamic Struggle in Syria, The, 26: 548­-49.

Abernathy, Glenn

The Right of Assembly and Association, 4: 223-24.

Aberth, John

Criminal Churchmen in the Age of Edward III: The Case of Bishop Thomas de Lisle, 39: 805-06.

Abraham, Gary L.

Max Weber and the Jewish Question: A Study of the Social Outlook of His Sociology, 36: 858.

Abraham, Henry J.

Freedom and the Court: Civil Rights and Liberties in the United States, 9: 396-97.

Justices and Presidents: A Political History of, Appointments to the Supreme Court, 17: 530-32; 29: 345-46.

Abramov, S. Z.

Perpetual Dilemma: Jewish Religion in the Jewish State, 21: 349-51.

Abrams, Elliott, ed.

The Influence of Faith: Religious Groups & U.S. Foreign Policy, 45: 184-85.

Abrams, Ray

Preachers Present Arms: The Role of the American Churches and Clergy in World Wars I and II with Some Observations on the War in Vietnam, 11: 527-29.

Abrecht, Paul, and Roger L. Shinn, eds.

Faith and Science in an Unjust World: Report of the World Council of Churches’ Conference on Faith, Science and the Future, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cam­bridge, USA, 12-24 July 1979. Vol. 1: Ple­nary Presentations; Vol. 2: Reports and Recommendations, 23: 339-40.

Abu-Amr, Ziad

Islamic Fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza, 39: 346-47.

Abzug, Robert H.

Cosmos Crumbling: American Reform and the Religious Imagination, 38: 178.

Ackerman, James S, Jenks, Roger L. Alan Wilkin, and Edward B. Jenkinson

Teaching the Old Testament in English Classes, 16: 340-41.

Acton, Lord

Acuerdos Concordatarios Espanoles y la Re­vision del Concordato Italiano, Los, 25: 349­-51.

Essays on Church and State, 11: 521-23.

Adams, James Luther

Growing Church Lobby in Washington,The, 13: 358-59.

Prophethood of All Believers, The, 30: 569-70.

Voluntary Associations, 30: 569-70.

Adeney, David H.

China: The Church’s Long March, 30: 345-46.

Adeney, Frances S.

Christian Women in Indonesia: A Narrative Study of Gender and Religion, 46: 134-35.

Adler, H. G.

The Jews in Germany: From the Enlighten­ment to National Socialism, 13: 539-41.

Adler, Mortimer J.

The Plurality of Religion and the Unity of Faith, 33: 619-20.

Adolph, Walter

Die katholische Kirche im Deutschland Adolf Hit/ers, 20: 356.

Kardinal Preysing und zwei Diktaturen: Sein Widerstand gegen die totalitiire Macht, 17: 524-26.

Agu, Charles Chikezie

Secularization in Igboland: Socio-Religious Change and Its Challenges to the Church Among the Ibo, 33: 135-36.

Ahdar, Rex

Worlds Colliding: Conservative Christians and the Law, 45: 172-73.

Ahdar, Rex, ed.

Law and Religion, 43: 607-08.

Ahlstrom, Sidney E.

A Religious History of the American People, 15: 123-25.

Ahmed, Jamal Mohammed

The Intellectual Origins of Egyptian Na­tionalism, 4: 235-36.

Ahn, Yong Choon

The Triumph of Pastor Son, 21: 366.

Aho, James A.

This Thing of Darkness: A Sociology of the Enemy, 38: 913.

Ahroni, Reuben

Yemenite Jewry: Origins, Culture and Literature, 31: 152.

Akenson, Donald Harman

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