Book report: Far from the Madding Crowd By Pu wendan

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Book report: Far from the Madding Crowd

--- --- By Pu wendan


To be honest, before I knew my major was English, I hadnt read any foreign author in the original. But ,because my major is English ,so I decide to read English novel as many as I can. In the year when I was a freshman, I just read the Chinese version of the foreign novel. This year I began to read the originals which I have read the Chinese versions .Jane Eyre is the first English original I have read ,which lend me to a more broad and fantastic literary world. Gradually ,I know more and more excellent foreign authors and their wonderful works . I think I fall in love with Thomas Hardys amazing works at the very first sight. I appreciate his literary style which is filled with a strong local flavor and I can be absorbed in his wonderful stories for hours without an interruption. So I what to introduce the excellent author and his fantastic works to you.


Part1. About the author and relative the background;

Part2. A brief introduction to the story;

Part3. The analysis of the major characters and the connotation of this novel;

Part4. From the angle of love to analyze this book and my reflections.

Part1.1 About the author

Thomas Hardy(1840.6.2----1928.1.11) was born in a town located in the southwest area of England. He was an English poet and novelist , famous for his depictions of the imaginary country “Wessex” , where he grew up. so his works are filled with a strong local style. He was also the last important novelist of the Victorian age. In his later years , he developed English literature in twentieth Century with his excellent poetry. His period of literary creation can be roughly divided into three periods and in every period he had his famous representatives works. The first period is romantic and pastoral time.

Under the Green Tree and Far from the Madding Crowd are regarded as his representative works. The second period is the social tragedy of Wessex , such as The Return of Native and The Mayor of Casterbridge.

The third period is the pessimistic fate of the villagers in Wessex , Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure are the famous works in this period. After he died, he was also thought highly by his countryman, which can be evidenced that he was buried in the Westminster Abbey.

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