Book 1: The Wrath of Juno

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Book 1: The Wrath of Juno

  1. Who wrote the Aeneid?

  2. True or False: the Aeneid is written in ancient Greek.

  3. Which emperor commissioned Virgil to compose the epic and why?

  4. List the 3 reasons why Juno hates the Trojans.

  5. How do we know that Aeneas will make it to Italy and found his city?

  6. Which god does Juno bribe to stir up the winds to scatter his fleet?

  7. Who is Aeneas’ mother?

  8. How does Aeneas recognise his mother on the shore in Libya?

  9. Tyrian Dido is a widow, a refugee and a queen. Explain how?

  10. Which god disguises himself as Ascanius to make Dido fall in love with Aeneas?

Book 2: The Sack of Troy

  1. When the Trojans found the Wooden Horse they were torn between doing two things with it. What two things were they torn between doing?

  2. Laocoon claimed the horse was one of two things. What two things and how did he prove his point?

  3. Name the Greek liar who deceived the Trojans.

  4. Why according to Virgil was this Greek able to deceive the Trojans?

  5. The reason why the Trojans should take the Horse inside the city was very plausible. What was this reason?

  6. Who or what first alerted Aeneas that Troy was doomed?

  7. What trick did Aeneas and his followers employ to kill Greeks by stealth?

  8. Who unveiled Aeneas’ eyes to the Truth?

  9. What finally convinces Anchises to flee?

  10. What happens to Creusa?

Book 3: Aeneas’ wanderings

  1. Why does Polydorus’ spirit urge Aeneas to abandon Aeneadae in Thrace?

  2. What land does Anchises interpet as being Troy’s “ancient mother” in Delos and why?

  3. Who or what explains the Delian oracle to Aeneas in a dream?

  4. Who is Calaeno and what is her prophecy?

  5. Explain why according to Helenus the Trojans should honour Juno very highly and why they cannot simply cross the Adriatic Sea to Italy.

  6. Arriving at Sicily Anchises sees white horses on the cliffs. How does he interpret this omen?

  7. How did the Greek Achamenaedes come to live in the forests of Sicily?

  8. What giant creature do we meet again in Book 3 of the Aeneid?

  9. Who dies unexpectedly in Sicily?

  10. Why does Virgil not have Aeneas revisit Odysseus’ adventures?

Book 4: Aeneas and Dido

  1. Mention two ways by which Virgil presents Dido as a love-sick woman.

  2. Why does Venus see through Juno’s proposal and how does she deal with it?

  3. How does it come to pass that Dido and Aeneas take shelter together in the same cave?

  4. What does Virgil ACTUALLY say happens in that cave?

  5. Who or what is Rumour and what does she do?

  6. Why does Iarbus complain to Jupiter?

  7. What does Mercury tell Aeneas to do?

  8. Why does Aeneas not look at Dido during their final meeting. Be careful! Read the text!!!

  9. Dido asks her sister Anna to construct a pyre on a pretence but uses it for another reason. What is her pretence and for what does she actually use the pyre?

  10. Why are the Trojans filled with foreboding as they sail away from Carthage?

Book 5: Funerary Games

  1. Name the friendly king of Sicily.

  2. Why does Aeneas decide to hold funerary games?

  3. Why do you think Aeneas doesn’t continue on his journey to Italy even though he knows where it lies?

  4. What sign does he see that Anchises or the gods approve of the sacrifices?

  5. Why does Cloanthus win the boat-race?

  6. What does Aeneas admire about Nisus’ behaviour during the foot-race?

  7. Name the Sicilian boxer trained by Aeneas’ brother Eryx.

  8. What happens to Acestes’ arrow during the archery competition.

  9. Who sends Iris to incite the Trojan women to burn the ships?

  10. What condition does Neptune demand in order to guarantee the safety of the fleet at sea?

Book 6: Aeneas’ katabasis (descent into the Underworld)

  1. Who built the temple of Apollo in Cumae?

  2. Who or what is the Sibyl of Cumae?

  3. What must Aeneas do before he descends into Dis?

  4. Where is the entrance to Dis located?

  5. Why is Palinurus unable to cross the Styx and why does he go away happy?

  6. How does the Sibyl get past Cerberus?

  7. How do the Greek shades react when they see Aeneas in the Fields of Mourning?

  8. After the Fields of Mourning the road forks. Which realm of Dis lies to the left?

  9. What does Aeneas leave on the porch of the Palace of Pluto and Proserpina?

  10. By which of the twin Gates of Sleep do Aeneas and the Sibyl leave Dis and why?

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