Board Meeting February 19, 2013

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Central Texas Senior Ministry

Board Meeting
February 19, 2013
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Ann Shaffer, Gigi Barnes, Gale Edwards, Cecil Dunham, Craven Green, David Anderson, Janelle Walter, Hope Rouse, Bonnie Carpenter, Jim Hudson, Sally Bledsoe, Linda Baker, Fred Worley, Juliet Hall, Vicky Mazanec, Pat Cummings, Bob Crabtree
BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Ronnie Glaesmann, Gena Turner, Kim Williams, Martie Sauter, Brett Perlowski, and Don Scott
STAFF PRESENT: Melody McDermitt, Libby Bellinger, David Acevedo, and Janet Nors
President Ann Shaffer called on Libby Bellinger to open the meeting in prayer.
Ann asked if there were any corrections or additions to the January Board minutes; President Shaffer asked that her name to added to the January minutes as being present at the meeting; hear no further corrections or additions, Ann accepted the minutes as corrected.
Board Committee Reports:

  • Finance Report: Jim Hudson

  • Audit – Steve Bostick and Heather Gates, Patillo, Brown & Hill

Jim Hudson noted that Steve and Heather had already made a presentation of the audit to the Finance Committee. He then called on Steve and Heather to share their report. Heather thanked Melody and David for their help during the audit process. Heather then reviewed the audit document. She noted the Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, Cash Flow Statement – which showed an increase of $65,000 over last year; she noted that the section on the Endowment reflects our account at the Waco Foundation; the Subsequent event section discusses the changes in the transit department and the gift of the land from the Cooper Foundation.
Heather continued and noted that page 24 gives a summary of the single audit. Federal government requires an audit of the Title III C1 & C2 funds. We received an unqualified audit. She also mentioned the management letter.
Jim Hudson thanked Steve and Heather and suggested that the Board direct questions to them. Hearing none, Steve Bostick said that either of them is available to answer any question that a Board member might have about the audit.
President Shaffer thanked them for the thorough audit and for their presentation.

Cecil Dunham made the motion that the 2012 audit be accepted by the Board; Vicky Mazanec seconded this motion. The motion passed by a unanimous voice vote.

  • Financial Statements Jan 2013 Jim/Melody

Melody spoke to the Financial Statement for January. She directed the Boards attention to the Balance Sheet. She noted that she had acquired two Certificates of Deposit on Friday to handle the money that came in from the Department of Agriculture. We have $350,000 in funds available, part of which is DoA funding. She then addressed Other Assets that we are “owed” by HOTCOG and Waco Transit. These payments often lag one to two months behind the billing of them.

Income Statement: Total revenue reflects the $85,000 value of the land upon which our office sits given by the Cooper Foundation. All-in-all revenues look good for the beginning of the calendar year.

Expenses: Over more than expected. Question asked about the audit cost. Melody responded, $6,000; Jim Hudson affirmed that this is a very good price, and that Patillo, Brown, and Hill have held this price for several years.
Donor Development:

Janet Nors, Director of Development, reported that the Donor Development Committee would be meeting next week.
Governance Committee: Ann Shaffer

  • By-Laws

Ann asked for further revisions to the By-laws.
Bob Crabtree moved that the quorum for voting be amended from seven members to eleven members. Bonnie Carpenter seconded.
Discussion followed.
Action: Amendment passed
Cecil Dunham moved that the By-laws be approved as amended. Bonnie Carpenter seconded the motion.

  • Action: The 2013 By-law revision was passed on a unanimous voice vote.

  • Succession Plan

Pat Cummings made a motion that the Succession Plan be accepted with the 2013 revisions. Gale Edwards seconded the motion.

  • Action: The Succession Plan was approved by a unanimous vote.

  • Disaster Preparedness Plan

Bob Crabtree moved that the Disaster Preparedness Plan for 2013 be accepted with the current year revisions. Vicky Mazanec seconded.

Event Committee: Linda Baker, co-chair

Linda Baker, co-chair, reported that the date for the Sunday Brunch is Sunday, May 5, 11:30 – 1:30 at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. She was not sure who the speaker would be. Ann Shaffer suggested Sonja Hogg. Linda affirmed this and said that Gale Edwards knew Cassie Ballou and that they were considering a Jazz Brunch and that Sonja would fit well with this theme. Ann agreed to phone Sonja.
Staff Reports:

Executive Director:

Melody reported that the Program Committee had met and that they were working on what to measure and how to measure the outputs/outcomes for the agency. Brett Perlowski is chair of this committee but was unable to be at the Board meeting today. Janelle Walter who is on this committee felt that the initial meetings had gone well and that the committee was meeting again next week.
Melody then informed the Board that we had been approached by the Central Texas Council of Government about our desire and ability to provide meals (and possible transportation) for clients leaving the hospital. The Affordable Care Act is requiring a system to be in place that helps improve the continuance of health care management after a patient leaves the hospital so that they do not re-enter the hospital within 30 days for the same condition. Meals must be provided during the first 10 days of leaving the hospital. We are gathering information about cost, numbers, requirements, and other information needed and will present this to the Board at a later date.
Organizational Education – Melody directed the Board to the sheet in their packet that listed the MOW Staff; since she had previously shared funding sources related to programs, she felt that they Board would like to know which staff fell under each program.

Associate Director, Libby Bellinger highlighted the following items:

Board web portal password and the items currently to be found there.

Distributed Nomination of Board member’s forms.

Development Director: Janet Nors described:

  • Janet noted that the sponsorship letters had gone out for Sunday Brunch and that we had received $8,500 in sponsorships as of today. She noted also that she had a separate committee working on getting items for the Silent Action for the event.

  • Mayors for Meals Day in March: Mayor Duncan, the Waco City Manager, a McLennan County Commissioner, and the mayors of Hillsboro, West, and Marlin have agreed to deliver meals.

  • Volunteer Appreciation will be April 23rd at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.

Hearing no further business, President Shaffer adjourned the meeting.



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