Board Meeting Dates and Location

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Board Meeting Dates and Location

The Tri-Town Babe Ruth League is a Babe Ruth Baseball Charter for players 13 - 16 yrs old, from the towns of: Avon, Holbrook, and Randolph. Tri-Town Babe Ruth Board Meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month. The location will be posted on the site. All approved League Members may attend.

Members of Tri-Town Babe Ruth

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the property and affairs of the Tri-Town Babe Ruth League.   Board elections occur at the Annual Board Meeting held each year.   Any adult actively interested in furthering the objectives of the Tri-Town Babe Ruth Baseball League can ask to be considered for the position of League Member.   To be considered for League Membership, submit your name to one of the Board Members.   League Members are eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors.   All Managers and Coaches are League Members.


Tri-Town Babe Ruth - Executive Board of Directors 2014

 Executive Board Representative: Avon

 Keith Clark

 Executive Board Representative: Randolph

 Cameron Kelly/Nat Phillips

 Executive Board Representative: Holbrook

 Mike Bleheen


 Shannon Capodilupo

 Field & Equipment Administrator:

 Ray Keefe

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