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Implementation Guidelines

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Implementation Guidelines

Compulsory units


Prerequisites for the course or units within the course

Negotiated Study 0.5 and Independent Research Unit 0.5 have a prerequisite of 3 standard units (or equivalent). All other units do not have prerequisites.

Arrangements for students who are continuing to study a course in this subject

Students who have studied the previous History course type 1 or type 2, may not repeat any of the units covering equivalent content.

Units from other courses

Up to a maximum of 1.0 units from Politics may be counted towards a History major, provided that there is no duplication of content.

Negotiated Units

All units have an element of negotiation within them, but the content for the Independent Study Units 1.0 and Negotiated Study unit 0.5 are wholly negotiated.

Relationship with other courses

Students may use 2 units from this History course with 2 units from the Politics course, written under the History framework, to achieve a major in the Interdisciplinary History course. See Interdisciplinary History for more details.

Relationship with courses at other colleges/special institutions (optional)

This course has been written to allow students undertaking International Baccalaureate History to complete a major in this course.

Suggested Implementation Patterns

To specialise in Medieval and Renaissance History a suggested pattern is:

Implementation Pattern

Units Involved

Challengers from the East and Crusaders 1.0

Challengers from the East 0.5

Crusades 0.5

Robin Hood King Arthur and Romance 1.0

Robin Hood 0.5

King Arthur and Romance 0.5

Death Discovery and the Renaissance 1.0

Blood, Lust and Persecution 1.0

Rebuilding, Reforming and Renewing England 0.5

England and the Golden Age of Elizabeth 0.5

There are other units which overlap these periods of History and could be studied as part of the specialty. It is vital that care is taken in selecting units to ensure duplication of content does not occur. See the individual units for information on duplication.

The Ancient History units are written in a chronological order. The first two units deal primarily with archaeology and anthropology. Colleges should consider chronological development of civilisation but should choose a pattern of units to suit the needs of their students.

Implementation Pattern

Units Involved

Archaeology & Anthropology

Emergence of Humans 1.0

Emergence of Human Culture 1.0

Ancient History

Lost Worlds 1.0

Greece to Persian Wars 1.0

Athens to Alexander 1.0

Roman Republic 1.0

The Roman Empire 1.0


The Land of the Nile (0.5)

Greece to the Persian Wars 1.0

The Age of Alexander (0.5)

The Glory that was Rome (0.5)

The Roman Revolution 1.0

Rome in the Age of Emperors (0.5)

Suggested Implementation Pattern for International Baccalaureate Schools



War and Resolution in the 20th Century (0.5)

War in the Modern World (1.0)

The Second World War (1.0)

The Second World War (1.0)

Superpower Conflict (0.5)

From Manchu to Mao (0.5)

Russia in the Modern World (1.0)

Encounters with the West (1.0)

Middle East : Search for Resolution (1.0)

Other modern 0.5 unit

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