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Ancient History - Bibliography

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Ancient History - Bibliography


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Audio Visual

All Quiet on the Western Front

Bandit Queen


Birth Rites, 2004, Hindmarsh, S. Aust. Tape Services

Celso and Cora


Dateline documentary “Marriage in India” SBS

Dead Birds R. Gardner

Eat Drink Man Woman

Exploring Ancient Lands

First Contact

Four films about a healer in Bali: A Balinese trance séance; Jero on Jero: a "Balinese trance séance" observed; The medium is the masseuse: a Balinese massage; Jero Tapakan: stories from the life of a Balinese healer. 1992, Canberra: Ethnographic Film Unit, Dept. of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University

Honour among Men the killing of women in Pakistan

I, Claudius

Jonestown the life and death of people’s temple Hot Dos 2006 produced by wgbh

Julius Caesar


Koriam’s Law: and the Dead Who Govern. Gary Kildea

Margaret Mead in Samoa

Memoirs of a Geisha

Monsoon Wedding



Ride and Fall of the Roman Empire

Rights of Passage

Roman Empire

Rome – HBO series

Saving Africa’s Witch Children. (Video from 4 Corners) Stepping Stones. Nigeria. 2008

Slaves to Superstition Geraldine Doogue Compass: Enemies of Reason Series


Ten Canoes

The Crucible

The Great Commander Series: Alexander The Great.

The Peloponnesian Wars

The Preferred Sex: The desired number SBS

The Revolution in Genetics (video), 1998 Quantum, ABC Science Unit

The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire - BBC The Fall of Athens

The Roman Arena

Tribe BBC Documentary

Trobriand Cricket

Trobriand Cricket: An ingenious response to colonialism. 1976. Office of Information, Papua New Guinea; anthropological director, Jerry W. Leach; filmmaker, Gary Kildea

Turning Points in History - Salamis

Waiting For Harry, (K McKenzie) 1980 Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies [production company] Canberra

Weddings, Sari, Showdown. Film Victoria 2005

Witches myth mystery and truth Lost worlds Series

Yolngu Boy

Other Resources

Age of Gold 1998 SBS (Video)

Ancient Civilisations, 1996 (Videos)

Ancient Egypt, 1998, (Videos)

Ancient Lives (Video)

Chaos and Kings 1998 SBS (Video)

Chariots of the Gods 1970 (Video)

Deities and Demons 1999 SBS (Video)

Egypt’s Lost City 1999 SBS (Video)

Ghosts of Wonder, 1996, (Videos)

Herd, G (ed) “Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism” in Culture and History, Zone Books, New York.1996

Hominid and Stone tool fossil casts

Man on the Rim 1989 (Video)

Meet the Ancestors, 1998 (Video)

National Geographic: Search for the Ultimate Survivor 2007 (Video)

Post Mortem 1999 SBS (Video)

Rosaldo, MZ (1980) “The Use and Abuse of Anthropology: Reflections on Feminism and Cross-cultural Understanding”, Signs 5(3): 389-417.1980

The Great Pyramid – Gateway to the Stars, 1994, (Video)

The Neanderthals 2000 (Video)

The Pyramid Builders (Video)

The Resurrection Machine 1998 SBS (video)

Tutankhamun’s Egypt 1988

Walking with Cavemen 2003 (Video)



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