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Medieval and Renaissance Bibliography

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Medieval and Renaissance Bibliography


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Audio Visual


Plainchants and Gregorian Chants


Music From the Renaissance

Early Music No 2, Music Consort of London, RCA Classics


A Walk Around Rome

An Outline History Of Europe - “Towards A Modern Materials Europe”


Body And Soul


Civilisation “The Artist As Hero”

End Of The Renaissance


Giotto: Patterns Of Humanity

Journey Of The Magus

Light And Liberty

Medieval And Renaissance Europe - Part 1 – Spanish Inquisition

Middle Ages And Renaissance

Part 3 – The Plague

Point Of View

Pure Radiance Of The Past

Romeo And Juliet

Tallis Scholars

The Agony And The Ecstasy

The Artist And The Nude

The Heart of the Dragon, Channel Four;

The Last Emperor

The Medieval Mind

The Renaissance; The Origins Of The Mode

The Twentieth Century series, BBC; Various episodes,

The World of the Thirties series, ZDF/ABC, 1987;

Water, a film by Deepa Mehta

When The World Changed

Women of the Long March, Lily Xiao Hong Lee and Sue Wiles (audio), Bolinda Publishing, 1999


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