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Audio Visual Material

1492: Conquest of Paradise

1933: Master Race from People’s Century series BBC World Wide Ltd

1939 Total War from People’s Century (Series)

1945: Fallout, Peter Pagnamenta, prod. BBC / WGBH, c1996

1975: War of the Flea, Peter Pagnamenta, prod. BBC / WGBH, c1997

20th Century History Series

A continent alive

A Fireball In The Night

A New World for Sure

Aboriginal Australians

Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the union

Alistair Cooke’s America, Michael Gill, prod. [London]: BBC Worldwide, 2005

America in the Fifties, W. Paterson Fern, Richard Heus, prod. The Fifties inc., c1997

American Documents

Amistad, Steven Spielberg, dir. US: Dreamworks pictures / HBO pictures, c1998

Anne of Green Gables

Anzac Day: World War 1.

Asia At A Glance (CD ROM), Hyde, M Curriculum Corporation, Melbourne, 2000

Asia Rising, People’s Century Series, BBC. 1951

Australia EP3 Changes

Australia Felix


Birth of the republic pt.1 + pt. 2, Scott Paddor, prod. U.S.: Greystone; A&E Television

Blackadder Goes Fourth BBC, 1989

Bloody Sunday

Brave New World from People’s Century

Cambodia Peace (1989) Asia Wise: ABC

Cauldron of war: trade and resistance, Jack Leustig prod. USA Tig Productions, 2000

Causes of World War I Classroom Video

Cahokia: America’s Lost Metropolis

Children of Federation.

China: The history and the mystery

China: The Long March

Cities at War ABC, 1998

Creating a Nation: the movement towards Federation.

Cross of Fire

Crosses: Australia’s war experience 1914-1918.

Dances with Wolves

Dancing in the Street, episode 1, ABC, 1986

Depression: oral histories.

Destiny of empires, the Spanish-American war of 1898 – parts 1 & 2, Luis Perez-Tolon, prod. Cafe Productions / Programme Rights Company, c1998

Digging for Slaves, Chronicle series, BBC, 1989 (Jefferson’s plantation)

Documents on the Great Depression.


End Of Empires: European Decolonisation 1919-80 Hodder & Stoughton, London, 2000

Ethnic Notions


Eyes On The Prize (series)

Fatal Shore


Gallipoli: The Dardanellis Campaign.


Gandhi and the end of an empire



Good Night and Good Luck, George Clooney, prod. United States: Dendy; Warner Bros., 2006

Great Expectations

Great hope and Great Endeavours

Great Survivor: Xiaoping Deng

Grenada Production, Channel Four Television Corp, 2006

Hawke and Keating

Hindsight: Power to the People 1964-72

Hitler: A Profile Series from 1995

Hitler’s Children (Series)

Immigration debate: Multicultural kindergarten: Viet youth in Australia: Multiculturalism in high schools


In the Name of the Father

India: Empire Spirit.

India: The Brightest Jewel

Indo-China (1989) Asia Wise: ABC

Jack The Ripper


Ku Klux Klan: a secret history, Bill Brummel, prod. US: A & E Television Networks, c1998

Labor split 1954-1957

Lenin’s legacy

Leningrad: hero city

Little Women

Long Tan: the survivors account

Lost Peace from People’s Century series BBC World Wide Ltd

Mabo Country

Mabo Myths

Malcolm X: A Search for Identity, Ron Steinman, prod. US: ABCNews Production, 1995

Mao Years: It’s right to rebel: 1960-1976

Martin Luther King, days of hope.

Masters and Slave.

Maurice Rioli

Men Who Saved Australia: Kokoda Trail.


Michael Collins

Ming Dynasty

Mississippi Burning

Monarchy: The Complete Second and Third Series,

MotorcycleDdiaries, Walter Salles, dir. [United States?]: Filmfour/South Fork pictures, 2005

New World For Sure: Series

Newsreel Nostalgia

Nicholas and Alexandra

Oliver Twist

One False Step-1961 History in Action Series

One Man’s Revolution (Mao Tse-Tung)

Paradise of Adventurers Shanghai 1925-1952

Petrov Affair

Playing the game - Africa - black star rising’, The Big Picture 2001, television series, ABC Television, Sydney, 26 July.

Portraits of Power Series, Classroom video

Raising the Bamboo Curtain: Awakening Vietnam (1997) Camberwell: Information Specialists

Resurrection of the Batavia


Road to War (Series)

Roosevelt, Patricia Lagone, prod. London, Granada, 1991

Roots (mini-series)

Russian Revolution

Salem witch trials

Secrets in the Sands

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Soviet superpower

Stalin: the Revolutionary

Summer of the Bomb SBS, 1997

Susso Kids.

Sweet Home Chicago

Tales From A Suitcase

Ten Days that Shook the World

Tess of the d’Urbervilles

The Apology

The Black Robe

The Blitz Channel 4/ ABC 2005

The Brisbane Line.

The Civil War (series)

The Cold War Witness to History Series

The Colour Purple

The Conquest of the Incas, (History’s Turning Points) Neil Cameron, prod. & dir.

The Cuban Missile Crisis BBC Television 1992

The Diary of Jack The Ripper

The Dry Crusade

The Elephant Man

The First Australians

The First World War ABC, 2006 (Producer – Jonathan Lewis)

The Grapes of Wrath

The Great Gatsby

The Heart of the Dragon, Channel Four;

The Home Front Family Album: Remembering Australia 1939-1945, Weldon, Sydney, 1991.

The Home Front Family Album: Remembering Australia 1939-1945, Weldon, Sydney, 1991.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Killing Fields (1984) Star Productions

The Killing Fields: The Facts Behind The Film With Personal Accounts From Sydney Scharnberg And Dith Pran, Coronet. Sydney. 1984

The Last Emperor

The Last Eunuch

The Last of the Mohicans

The Legendary West

The Long walk of Nelson Mandela

The Nazis: A Warning from History (Series) BBC Worldwide Ltd

The Promised Land

The rage within fifties.

The Roaring Twenties, Charlotte Moore, prod. UK: Atlantic for BBC, 1997

The SBS World Guide 5th Edition, Reed, 1996

The Secret Country

The Smell of War History in Action Series

The Squatter’s Daughter-1933

The Struggle for the West.

The Twentieth Century series, BBC; Various episodes,

The Weimar Republic Classroom Video 2003

The Western Front-WWI 1999 Classroom Video

The White Rose

The Wilderness and the West

The Wilderness in the West, series American Visions, narr Robert Hughes, ABC, 1998

The Wolf is my Brother, Visions series, 1985

The World at War ITV, 1972

The World of the Thirties series, ZDF/ABC, 1987;

They’ll Be Just Like You: post 2nd World War Immigration

Thirteen Days Movie


Title fight: Mabo

Turning Points, Classroom Video

UK / US: Transatlantic, 1995

Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of the Wilderness

Unearthing the Slave Trade, SBS

USSR: Illusion, decline and fall

USSR: Triumph Of The Tyrant

Very sad example of a War

Vietnam History: A Culture In Conflict (1996) Warriewood

Vietnam Series

Vietnam-The War that Divided America Associated Press

War in the East

Water, a film by Deepa Mehta

Welcome to Sarajevo

White Fellas Dreamin (contains excerpts from Australian films 1900-1945) Part of the History of Cinema series


Wilderness, Civilisation, two parts of Savagery and the American Indian

Women of the Sun

World at War, Thames Television video

World War II 1987 Classroom Video

World War II-The Dark Years in Europe Witness to History Series

Zhou Enlai

Websites The Avalon Project BBC City of Adelaide Project Guttenberg National Archives Learning Curve-The Cold War The Library of Congress: American Memory. NSW Migration Heritage Centre Martin Luther King Jr Research and Education Institute. News on line Menzies The Australian Newspaper The Bulletin Magazine The Time Magazine American Slave Narrative4s: An online anthology. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation History of ABC Radio The Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Institute of Criminology

The National Archives: Women The Australian Army History Army Museum of NSW (WW1 diaries) Royal Australian Armoured Corps Museum Museum of Australian Military Intelligence: Digital Histories Australians at War Australian History AWM: Out in the Cold: Australia's involvement in the Korean War, 2008. Best of History Web Sites. The CIA fact finder Cold War Guide The Cold War Museum Australia’s Culture Portal.

http://www.cwc./ Digital History Eyewitness to History The Fifth Fleet Modern History Sourcebook Internet History Source Books Project WWW Virtual American Indians: Index of Native American Resources on the Internet. History Learning Site History Learning Site The History Place Tokugawa Shogunate ABC of Modern Japanese History The African American Mosaic. University of Queensland Fryer Library Online Exhibition Vietnam War The Library of Congress The Menzies era Menzies Virtual museum Migration Heritage centre: Objects Through Time. National Archives of Australia,au/ National Film & Sound Archive National Library of Australia The Native Web: Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the world. Flash Back: Australian Photography in the 1960s Public Broadcasting America Conquistadors (PBS) Africans in America SBS School History Schools History Spartacus Educational Spartacus Education Spartacus Educational – Germany Cold War Hot Links Trenches on the Web World War 2 timeline, Parliament House., Australians at War., Australian War Memorial. Curriculum Corporation, Asia Ednet, Discovering Democracy Units on line., National history project History Units., National Archives of Australia., National Museum of Australia. , Old Parliament House.

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