Blues project 2014: black and blue the fight for freedom

Introduce: Mollie Gnidek – vocals

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Introduce: Mollie Gnidek – vocals   



The song, “We Shall Overcome,” was the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement during Martin Luther King’s association with it, between 1955 and 1968.  No other song better epitomized the peaceful determination that the movement embodied. We cannot say definitively who wrote the song, but in true American melting pot tradition, it is a song that many hands helped to shape. It has roots in the black gospel traditions, it was later adopted by striking union workers in the 40s, and it spread to the Civil Rights movement by a west-coast folkie, Guy Carawan. Finally, the late Pete Seeger put his own stamp on it in the early 60’s, to make it sound much like we think of it today. It did not only become the anthem of the American Civil Rights Movement, but since then, protesters have used it in peaceful revolutions all around the world. Its message seems to transcend cultural and language barriers, and over the past decades it has been used by activists in South Africa, India, the Czech Republic, Tiananmen Square, and any other place on this earth where people are oppressed. If you are my age, which I hope you aren’t, you probably remember Joan Baez or Peter, Paul, and Mary singing it. But, it is most appropriate that we close this year’s program of the Blues Project with it.

                    Introduce: Jon Costas – guitar/vocals

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