Bloom’s Taxonomy: Year 7 Ancient China Homework

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: Year 7 Ancient China Homework







Belief Systems

List the Ancient Chinese Gods and state what they each represented.

Describe the burial process of the deceased.

Make a DIY set of instructions on how to satisfy the Gods.

Compare Ancient Chinese religion to another ancient civilisation.

Justify the need to protect landmarks from ancient cultures.

Construct a model of a Terracotta Warrior.


What happened when an Emperor died? Who was next in line?

Describe the Government system of Ancient China.

Draw a concubine.

Compare the life of a high class person to a lower class person.

Discuss issues of crime in Ancient China and justify why the law of Ancient China worked.

Create a timeline of important events in Ancient China.


Find information about the type of music Ancient Chinese listened to.

Interpret a series of Ancient Chinese symbols.

Investigate Ancient Chinese games. Write one as a procedure.

Compare an Ancient Chinese artwork to an Ancient Egyptian artwork.

Evaluate and prepare a recipe from Ancient China.

Design and make a piece of jewellery suitable to wear in this time period.

Built Structures

List and describe the different forms of housing that was available.

Outline the various modes of transport used at this time.

Carry out research and record information on how the Great Wall of China was built and over how long.

What hardships and health problems did the people have whilst building the Great Wall of China?

Give your opinion on what was used and what was done in order to create the Great Wall of China.

Construct a model of the Great Wall of China or an Emperor’s Temple.

Language and Location

Copy the Ancient Chinese alphabet and then write your name.

Explain how people interacted with each other for example, how did they greet each other?

Calculate the size of China compared to Australia/ NSW.

Examine an Ancient Chinese script and provide a written report on the meaning.

Evaluate the importance of the river systems of Ancient China.

Construct a map of Ancient China and show rivers, cities and major landmarks.

Modern Day China

Tell how different your life would be if you were growing up in Ancient China?

Describe the differences between Ancient and modern China.

Record how school differs from now to times in Ancient China.

Discuss and analyse possible damage to landmark areas from tourists.

Imagine you will be visiting China in 2020. What will you expect to find? Will there be any ancient landmarks left?

Design a tourist pamphlet for China encouraging holiday makers to visit.

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