Blood on the River Final Project

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Blood on the River

Final Project

Listed below are the following options you have to choose from to show me your knowledge of Elisa Carbone’s novel, Blood on the River. You must complete one even-numbered project, and one odd-numbered project. Each project will be graded out of 15 points, with 30 points total counting towards your final grade.

  1. Historical Journal: Imagine you are either an English settler of the Jamestown colony, or a member of the Powhatan tribe. Choose 10 historical events mentioned in the book, and write one journal entry each as if you were there to witness that day. You must date every entry, and each entry must be at least one page. So, in the end, you should make a book, with at least 10 pages written in it.

  1. Poster: Design a poster to promote your book into a movie. Include the title, author, a list of the major characters, and the actors/actresses playing those characters. You must also include a short paragraph summarizing the story. Make this look good! The better-looking the poster, the more likely people will come to see the movie!

  1. Sam Collier Continued: We know that Samuel Collier lived, but there are missing years in his life that this book does not cover. Write about him to continue his story, imagining what might have happened to him. You may also research Samuel Collier’s real life, and try to align the history to the story you write. Minimum- 2 pages.

  1. Mystery Box: Cover a shoebox with construction paper, make it represent the novel. Inside the box, you must put five objects related to the book. Each object must include a card that describes: (1) What the object is (2) What the object was used for in the novel (3) who used the object in the novel, and (4) why you chose to put this object in the Mystery Box. In other words, why is it relevant to the novel?

  1. Letter to Sibling: Pretend that you are a Jamestown settler, and you have just received a letter from your younger brother or sister. They are thinking about coming to the New World to join you. Write a truthful letter, convincing your brother or sister to stay in England. Use actual events from the story to talk your sibling out of coming to Jamestown. Minimum- 1 page.

  1. Comic Strip: Create a comic strip, describing one of the scenes from the book. You must have at least 10 boxes of animation, and lots of speech bubbles to retell what happens. Neatness and lots of color are needed!!

  2. Pen Pal: If you could write to any of the characters in the book, who would it be? Write a letter to one of the people in the story. Tell him/her how similar your life is to theirs, as well as how different it is. Ask at least five questions about the events in the story. Write another letter back to yourself, pretending to be that character. Answer your own questions in a creative way. Minimum- 3 paragraphs for each letter.

  3. Character Interview: Research one of the characters in the novel- most of them were real people! Find out specific details about one of the events, and tell the class your side of the story, as if you were that character. You may dress up, or wear props if you would like. The class will be able to ask you questions about the event or events after your presentation.

Download 5.8 Kb.

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