Blood Diamond And The Fountainhead By, Isiah Williams

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Blood Diamond And The Fountainhead

By, Isiah Williams

The Fountainhead was a very interesting book and Blood Diamond was a very good, exciting movie. The author of The Fountainhead was a lady named Ayn Rand and the director of Blood Diamond was Edward Zwick. The movie had very intense scenes and you would not want to miss anything. The Fountainhead was very interesting and really made you think about how many people can think their on ways when it comes to their work. These two storylines have a sort of ambition that shows in each story and it really excites the events or plots. Ambition is when its a desire for some type of achievement or distinction. Ambition played a role in many characters and really made them compare and their differences showed.

Blood Diamond was my favorite not just because it was a movie but because it really had me paying attention to every little detail. The suspense and real life drama really brought the characters ambitions out. A main Character in the Blood Diamond was a guy named Solomon. One of the most interesting guys in the book The Fountainhead was Howard Roark. These two characters were my favorites because their roles and ways of doing things attracted me the most.

The Fountainhead was a book that I never would expect that I would finish because of the less aggressiveness in the book. But turned out to have some great points and messages in the story. Howard Roark was disliked because of the way he did his work and not all the times you have to do what the public eye says is best for you. His ambition was to get to the top by doing his on work and feeling proud that his achievements can be done.

Blood Diamond was about a guy named Solomon who live in Sierra Leone in Africa. His Family was captured by the rebels who are basically the bad guys. His ambition was to do anything he could to get his family back. In the movie he showed his ambition by going behind the rebels back and hiding a very big diamond he found in the dirt. He was very scared but put the fear behind him because the most important thing was to reunite with his family.

Solomon’s ambition can strongly relate to another character in the movie and that is a white gun runner named Danny. Danny came back to Africa for the diamonds that were being found and he ran into Solomon. Their paths can work together because Danny wants the diamonds, Solomon has one and he wont give it up until he gets his family back. At the end of the movie a man offers him a lot of money but Solomon turns it down because nothing can replace his son and the rest of his family.

In The Fountainhead Roark’s intelligence was his drive to his goals and his path. He was an independent person who thought his on ideas and caught peoples attention by his work. The people surrounding him had a different view on the way he did things. In the beginning of the story Roark got expelled from the Stanton Institute of Technology because his professors, well most of them didn’t approve of Roark’s work. Solomon’s ambition and Howard’s are different because Solomon really didn’t have a reason to do all the things he did until the rebels took his family away, and Roark was doing things the way he wanted to and that was his mindset from the very beginning. I think Solomon wanted to be a good dad and the provider to his family just to have a good life. But the challenges that came above forced him to want to do things that he didn’t ever dream of doing.

The Rebels were the soldiers who were trained to kill because they were taking over to gain power. Their ambition was to eliminate anybody in their path to get diamonds and anything else they would admire. In the movie anybody who worked to find diamonds would get watched by a guard and if the guard catches anybody who tries to take one will get killed in a very violent way, sometimes a shot to the head or a semi automatic machine gun blowing your body into pieces.

In Fountainhead the professors ambition can relate to the rebels. The professors fought against Roark’s defenders and gave every reason to have him expelled from the Institute. In the book the dean meets with Roark in his office and tells him that he had a good cast of defenders but some professors like professor Peterkin threatened to resign if Roark wasn’t expelled. The dean clearly said that he didn’t vote him out so most of Roark’s professors did anything and everything to make sure that he gets expelled. Just like the Rebels did anything they had to do to get the power and diamonds which was killing and taking over land.

The leader of the rebels didn’t really care about the innocent helpless people his soldiers were killing. He even brought kids into the situation and began training them to kill and eliminate anybody who disobeys. Solomon’s son was captured and trained to kill and at one scene Solomon found his son and his son threatened to kill him because his son was hypnotized of all the violence the rebels taught him. This relates to the professors of Fountainhead because they didn’t care about if Roark had a different way of doing things and that his work made them view it wrong. They just immediately jump on his case and wanted him out of the school.

Solomon and Danny started together and at one point their ambitions clashed and Danny’s patience ran out. When Solomon took Danny to the place were he hid the diamond Danny threatened Solomon and said that diamond better be there or im going to kill you. In that scene you can feel the greed of Danny coming a long way trying to find the diamond and the look on Solomon’s face hoping its still there. But they found it and moved along and you can just sense that Solomon knew that nobody’s going to get in the way of him.

Comparing to The Fountainhead it can relate to Roark and the dean of the Stanton Institute. Roark wanted to finish school their, the way he wanted and didn’t want to harm anybody. Just wanted to be successful and live a good life with his dream job. The dean ambition was to run the institute and make sure his school was running in the right path. Well both ambitions clashed because of actions taken by Roark. The greed of the professors who didn’t like Roark made the dean and Roark come together to discuss his expulsion from the nice school.

Roark played a very important part in his expulsion but you really cant blame him. Even though he might have not did things the right way you shouldn’t be judged and talked about like your some alien from outer space. He did what he felt was right and I would do the same if I saw things differently I would use that way to my advantage. That’s exactly what he did and he got punished for it and that’s the outrageous thing about to me. In the story it wasn’t like he was a bad student or he just didn’t do work at all its just not all people share the same brain cells and do everything just alike, his ambition cant be put to a hold over a bad decision.

By seeing the movie Blood Diamond I really got to enjoy the experience of what people went through in past history and the things that people overcame to live or survive. I can really take out what the important things in life are really are and how your family can be your greatest value. Solomon was a brave man and I would do the same for my family.

In the book Fountainhead, Howard Roark really inspired me by his actions. He worked hard and did things the way he knew how to do. I can really take out that the way you do things may not be liked by everybody and you just have to do what’s right for you. Always respect you as a person and never let anybody put you down .

These two storylines have many similarities that I have compared and out of these stories I took out some lessons and some important points I can use later in life. The similarities was very, so much attached to each other and I really saw how they combined together. In my paper before I wrote this I said I never thought I would complete this but I did and I guess that was my ambition for this whole project.

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