Block a group 1 Scavenger Hunt Topic: American nurses in vietnam Group: Niki Dorman, Dina DeFilippo Name: When you join the military where do the nurses serve?

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Block A Group 1 Scavenger Hunt

Topic: American nurses in vietnam

Group: Niki Dorman, Dina DeFilippo

1.  When you join the military where do the nurses serve?
2.  How long did american nurses in vietnam work for?
3.  What did Mary Jorice Mahoney say the effects on war were?

4. About how many women served in the vietnam war? and what is the percent that served as nurses?

5. What was the average age for nurses? (hint: The nurses who served)

6. What was Edie Meeks relationship with the other nurses?

7.  What does SRAO stand for?

8. Why were some nurses sent home during war?

9. How many female civilians died during vietnam?

10. How did lieutenant Sharon ann lane die? And how old was she?

Block A Group 2 Scavenger Hunt

Topic: American Vietnam War Protesters

Group: 2

Name: Leanna DeCelles, Brianna Fortunato
Question 1

What damaged the U.S economy severely?

Question 2

What was the voting age reduced to?

Question 3

Who was Muhammad Ali?

Question 4

What happened in august 1964?

Question 5

What was the average age of American soldiers serving in the Vietnam War?

Question 6

When did the first protestors come?

Question 7

What year did organized protesters against the war begin?

Question 8

What was foundede in 1960?

Block A Group 3 Scavenger Hunt


  1. Why is it difficult to track down literature from the Vietnam War?


     2. What is the Five O’Clock Follies?


     3. Who are Tobias Wolff and Tim O’Brien?


     4. Who Wrote The Things They Carried?


     5. Between what decades did literature about the war start to emerge?


  1. What book did Tim O’Brien write? Website

Sarah Kleedorfer’s -

  1. What song did Bob Dylan write about 1963’s US Involvement?


  1. Who reference M-18’s in his song ‘Purple Haze’?


     3. What were the bands advertised on the anti-war poster at the University of California?


     4. Who were the cursed heroes?


     5. Soldiers needed a way to express themselves through music, what was one way?


Block A Group 4 Scavenger Hunt

Photojournalists/Reporters in Vietnam

marissa hahn

  1. how were the media restriction in the vietnam war?

  2. why did they want to shut the media out of other future wars?

  3. how many men and women journalists were killed in the 14 years of war?

4.) why did most photographers go over to vietnam?

5.) who was the “concerned photographer”? and why was he known by that name?

ashley horace

  1. Who is Horst Faas and  was know for ?

  2. in one of Horst Faas it show a man covering his face , explain why ?

  3. What does Horst faas photo may you think happen in the war?
4) how many men and women journalist die during 14 years of the war ?

5) why did U.S blame the Journalist and photography for losing the war?

nathan bieh-mintah

  1. Why did journalists risk their lives.

  1. They felt what the soldiers were going through was worth saving.


Block A Group 5 Scavenger Hunt
Leah’s stuff:
Question 1:

About how many women were stationed in Vietnam? What percentage were nurses?

Question 2:

How many women would serve in conflict after the last Army nurses left Vietnam?

Question 3:

What were the three categories of Red Cross workers in Vietnam?

Question 4:

Why were military leaders reluctant to send women abroad during the war?

Question 5:

When did members of the Army Nurse Corps start training? When did they actually begin to serve?

Felix’s Stuff:

Link 1:
                                                                 Question 1

How much contact did the women have with men?

Question 2

The majority of women were?

Link 2
Question 3

What was the number of women that were working in vietnam during the war?

Question 4

What is the percent of the nurses who arrived in Vietnam?

Question 5

How much telephone survey was made of women in the war?

Bill’s Stuff:

Question 1:

What three branches of the military had women overseas?

Question 2:

What organizations were women involved in?

Question 3:

What type of zones and activities were inappropriate for women during the Vietnam war?

Question 4:

How many women served in Vietnam? How many of these were nurses? How many nurses died?

Question 5:

What army units would women become part of? Navy? Air Force?

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