Black history

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Have you heard people say that God is Black?

Have you heard people say that J.C. is Black?

Have you heard people say that the prophets were all Black?

That many of the Bible events took place in Africa?

Well... let's see what the Bible has to say about those facts ...

Fact 1 - In the beginning the faces of the people were black (Genesis 1:2)

Fact 2 - the faces of the waters (deep) equal black people (Revelation 17:15)

Fact 3 - Our Lord and the Hebrew Israelite Tribe of Judah were black (Hebrews 7:14; Jeremiah 14:2)

Fact 4 - God Yahweh (the Ancient of Days) had hair like the pure wool (thus nappy and black) (Daniel 7:9)

Fact 5 - Yahshua (called Jesus) had wooly hair and black feet (Revelation 1:13-15) Fact 6 - The feet of God are black (II Samuel 22:10; Psalm 18:9)

Fact 7 - The sons of Zion (Hebrews) had faces (visage) blacker than a coal (Lamentations 4:8)

Fact 8 - The skin of our forefathers was black (Lamentations 5:10)

Fact 9 - The Prophet Jeremiah was black (Jeremiah 8:21)

Fact 10 - Job was the richest black man of the East (Job 30:30)

Fact 11 - King Solomon was the wisest of all men and black (Song of Solomon 1:5)

Fact 12 - King David the son of Jesse was black (Psalm 119:83)

Fact 13 - The hands and flesh of Moses were black (Exodus 4:6 and 7)


Fact 14 - Miriam, Moses' sister, was black and turned white for seven days (Numbers 12:10-15)

Fact 15 - King Uzziah was black except his forehead turned white (II Chronicles 26:19 and 20)

Fact 16 - All faces shall gather blackness (Joel 2:6)

Fact 17 - Our forefather Abraham was a black Hebrew (Genesis 14:13)

Fact 18 - Our forefathers Moses was a black Hebrew (Exodus 2:11)

Fact 19 - Black Judah (Hebrew Israelites) were carried away captive by ships (Jeremiah 13:19)

Fact 20 - Abraham's seed (the original black Hebrews) are being afflicted this day and are strangers in a land that is not theirs, this very moment! (Genesis 15:13; Act 7:6)

Fact 21 - The Son of Yahweh the promised Messiah to come (who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is Black) (Revelation 1:13-15; Revelation 22:16; Isaiah 9:6)

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