Black History Month Project Due February 22, 2012

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Black History Month Project

Due February 22, 2012

To Celebrate Black History Month, students will complete a biography STEM project on a prominent African American in STEM. Students will choose and submit three people that they might like to do a project on and will be assigned one of those people by the teacher. Students will include the following components in their project:
Written Component (typed): 70 points

1. Cover Page – 5 points

Include a title, the date, your name, and the name of your teacher.

2. Table of Contents- 5 points

A detailed page of what is included in your written component.

3. Biography (1 page) – 30 points

Include a brief history of the individual, birth and death dates, their personal and professional background, and their accomplishments.

4. STEM Connection (1/2 page) – 15 points

Tells how your individual is related to STEM. You should include how they have contributed to or changed areas related to STEM.

5. Personal Connection (1/2 Page) – 15 points

Tells how you personally connect to this individual and how studying about them has changed or affected the way you think about your own STEM education at Morehead and beyond.

Technology, Visual, and Oral Components: 25 points

1. Visual/Poster – 15 points

Accurately and neatly displaying information and images about your individual. Key information from your written component should be shared on this poster.


PowerPoint Slides – 15 points

At least 3 PowerPoint slides with an image of the person, their name and career, and how they are related to STEM. Your name and classroom teacher should also be included.

2. Presentation – 10 points

The ability to give an oral presentation is an important part of any job. Students should be prepared to present about their individual. Index cards or other notes are allowed.

EXTRA CREDIT – 5 points

Students are encouraged to dress up in a similar way to their individual. They will receive extra credit for dressing the part for their presentation.

Prominent African Americans in STEM Fields:

Albert Antoine - Chemist & Chemistry Professor

Wanda Austin - Aeronautical Engineer

Gibor Basri

Clayton Bates, Jr. - Physicist & Engineer

Robert Bragg

Legand Burge

George Campbell, Jr. - Scientist & Educator

George Carruthers - Astrophysicist

Robert Church - Agriculturalist

James Collier - Engineer & Educator

Edwin Cooper - Biologist

S. Allen Counter - Neurophysiologist

Darnell Diggs - Research Physicist

Robert Dorsey - Engineer

Julian M. Earls - NASA Government Official

Lloyd Ferguson - Chemist

Krishna Foster - Chemist

Ralph Gardner-Chavis - Chemist

Larry Gladney - Research Physicist & Educator

Col. Frederick D. Gregory, Sr. - Astronaut \& NASA Government Official

John Hall - Chemist

Marc Hannah

Tyrone Hayes

J. K. Haynes - Biologist \& Academic Administrator

Ayanna Howard - Electrical Engineer

Shirley Ann Jackson - Physicist & University President

Renaldo Jensen - Aerospace Engineer

Clifford Johnson - Physicist

George Jones

Alvin Kennedy - Chemist, Chemistry Professor

Kevin Kornegay - Electrical Engineer

William Lester, Jr. - Chemistry Professor

William Lupton - Computer Scientist, Computer Science Professor

Walter Massey - Physicist & College President

Samuel Massie - Organic Chemist

Ronald E. Mickens - Professor & Researcher

Frederick Oliver - Physicist, Physics Professor

Waverly J. Person - Geophysicist & Seismologist

Chrystine Ramsey Shack - Document Custodian

Carl Spight - Physicist

James H. Stith - Physicist, Physics Professor

Welton Taylor - Bacteriologist

Julius Taylor - Physicist, Physics Professor

Isiah M. Warner - Chemistry Professor

Warren M. Washington - Atmospheric Scientist

John Watson

Herman B. White - Physicist

Luther Williams

Bobby L. Wilson - Environmental Chemist & Educator

Benjamin Banneker – Mathematics

Evelyn Boyd Granville – Mathematics

Directions: Choose three people that you would like to complete your project on and present them to your teacher. They will assign you with one person

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