Black History Bowl Questions

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Black History Bowl Questions

2nd -5th grade


  1. Name the first licensed black pilot in the US. Bessie Coleman

  2. Where did she train? France

  3. C. Alfred “Chief” Anderson was the first African-American pilot instructor in _________ Institute in Alabama, which had the largest Civilian Pilot Training program for blacks. Tuskegee

  4. Who was the first black woman astronaut? Mae Jemison

  5. What institute did Booker T. Washington found? Tuskegee Institute

  6. Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. was the first African American to become what? Astronaut

  7. Who was the first African-American female to receive a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University and the first African-American female to receive a Ph.D. in Engineering at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center? Aprille Ericsson

  8. During World War 2 a group of dedicated, determined young men enlisted to become America's first black military airmen. These men were called: The Tuskegee Airmen

Civil Rights

  1. W.E.B. Du Bois founded the NAACP to investigate lynching, publicize injustices, bring cases before the Supreme Court, and advertise what? The “marvelous achievements of black people in the United States”

  2. Who gave the “I Have a Dream” speech? Martin Luther King Jr.

  3. Martin Luther King Jr. supported _______ _______ while Malcolm X preferred ________. Civil disobedience; separatism

  4. . This Civil Rights Leader was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi for civil disobedience? Martin Luther King, Jr.

  5. Where was Malcom X killed? Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom.

  6. Where was the first "sit-in" at a segregated lunch counter? Greensboro, NC

  7. What year was the Thirteenth Amendment ratified, abolishing slavery? December 6, 1865

  8. With the 15th Amendment ratification in 1870, what did African Americans gain in the United States? The right to vote

  9. What was the name of the abolitionist newspaper which Frederick Douglass founded? ‘The North Star’

  10. How long did the Montgomery Bus Boycott last? One year

  11. Who wrote "A Letter from a Birmingham Jail?" Martin Luther King Jr.

  12. What name was given to the escape system used by slaves in the late 1800s? The Underground Railroad

  13. What is the name of the Chicago teen who was brutally lynched in Mississippi in 1955, which was a tragedy that helped spur the civil rights movement? Emmett Till

  14. This man was a close associate of Martin Luther King, Jr. and an important Civil Rights leader. He is credited for giving direction to the Civil Rights Movement after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Ralph Abernathy


  1. He was born in Marietta, Georgia and invented the Super Soaker Water Gun. Lonnie Johnson

  2. Who helped make Caller ID and Call Waiting possible and was also the first African-American woman to get a Ph.D. from MIT? Dr. Shirley Jackson

  3. Who was the world’s first African American heavyweight champion who also patented improvements to the wrench in 1922? John Arthur Johnson AKA Jack Johnson

  4. Who was the first female African-American inventor? Sarah Goode [Bonus: What did she invent? (The folding cabinet bed]

  5. This man invented an oil-dripping cup for trains. Elijah McCoy

  6. She created a laser surgical device called “Laserphaco Probe.” Patricia Bath

  7. He invented an important part of the light bulb — the carbon filament. Lewis Latimer

  8. She was the first female African- American millionaire who invented a hair-growing lotion and many other hair care products. Madam C. J. Walker

  9. He was an African-American inventor and businessman. He was the first person to patent a traffic signal. He also developed the gas mask. Garrett Augustus Morgan

  10. She developed a 3-D Optical Illusion Device. Valerie Thomas


  1. Vivien T. Thomas helped create a surgical procedure to bypass heart defects that restricted blood flow in the lungs of infants. What was this new procedure able to do? Save newborn infants from chronic circulatory (blood system) failure

  2. Best known for his work with blood plasma, this man helped set up the American Red Cross blood bank and established the first blood bank in England. Charles Drew

  3. Who performed the first successful open heart surgery operation? Dr. Daniel H. Williams

  4. He was internationally renowned researcher and the first black doctor to teach at Harvard. William Augustus Hinton

  5. In 1976, at age 26, she became the first black female neurosurgeon in the United States. Alexa Canady


  1. Who was the first African American Major League Baseball player? Jackie Robinson

  2. Which famous sportsperson said "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"? Muhammad Ali

  3. Which athlete gained worldwide fame during the 1960 Olympics in Rome when she became the first American woman to win three gold medals at the Games by winning the 100- and 200-meter dashes and the 400-meter relay? Wilma Rudolph

  4. This basketball player won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls. This legend finished his career in 2003 with 32,292 points and a career average of 30.12 points per game. Michael Jordan

  5. He was a star player of the Miami Heat club and has the distinction of being the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 career points. Lebron James

  6. Arguably the best tennis player of all time, she is the winner of 30 Grand Slam titles. She has brought America four Olympic Gold medals. Serena Williams

  7. This swimmer competed in the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing where he won a gold medal and became the first African-American to hold or share a world record (4×100 Freestyle Relay) in swimming. Cullen Jones

  8. At the 2006 Winter Olympics, this speed skater became the first Black athlete to win a gold medal in an individual sport. Shani Davis

  9. This heavyweight boxing champion, was undefeated in 40 straight fights, 37 by knockout when he faced Muhammad Ali on October 30, 1974. George Foreman

  10. This track and fielder is the first man ever to win both 200-meter and 400-meter dashes at the same world championship. Michael Johnson

  11. He was the first American in Olympic Track and Field history to win four gold medals in a single Olympiad. Jesse Owens

  12. This athlete won nine Olympic gold medals in his record-setting track and field career. Carl Lewis


  1. Who was the first African American to perform at the White House? "Blind Tom" Wiggins

  2. What singer/songwriter set the 2006 Guinness World Record for the most awarded female artist of all time? Whitney Houston

  3. This music composer and producer is the most Grammy-nominated artist of all time. Quincy Jones

  4. This singer held the title of the Most Top 10 Singles from an album for Thriller (1982) and the Most Number One Singles from an album for Bad (1987). Michael Jackson

  5. Who founded the world famous Motown Record Company? Berry Gordy

  6. This writer was a prominent figure of the Harlem Renaissance and is the author of the iconic novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. Who is she? Zora Neale Hurston

  7. The 1950s saw the birth of a new music style that combined R&B, Pop and Country-Western within the African American community. Which musical style was it? Rock N’ Roll

  8. In the 1960s what musical form became a symbol of African American identity and ushered in funk? Soul music

  9. This accomplished writer and poet, wrote Gather Together in My Name, The Heart of a Woman and A Song Flung Up to Heaven. Maya Angelou

  10. Name the Motown superstar who played a large role in getting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday made into a national holiday. Stevie Wonder

  11. This author’s debut novel, Not Without Laughter, was published in 1930 and it went on to win the Harlem Gold Medal for literature. This man was also a famous poet. Langston Hughes

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