Birth and death

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Until about 200 years ago, medicine did not present many moral problems. Couples who could not have children never became parents. Others often had 10+ children as there was no proper contraception. Serious diseases, illnesses or accidents often led to death. People could die peacefully or in pain. There was not very much anyone could do about life and death. Life and death were left in God’s hands, because there was no other choice.
Medicine has made huge progress since Bible times. People can control the number of children they have by using contraception. Couples unable to conceive can have medical help. Pregnancy can be ended safely by abortion. Serious illnesses can often be cured. Illness can be slowed so that sufferers live for much longer. People can be kept alive artificially on life-support systems. Drugs can ensure that most people die painlessly.
All of these advances may raise moral issues, for Christians and others. Should we now make our own decisions about life and death, or let God decide “the time to be born and the time to die”?

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