Birth and death

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Christians and Ethics

See notes on “Sanctity of Life”. The Sanctity of Life affects the way Christians approach medical issues, e.g. contraception, abortion and euthanasia. However, not all Christians agree on these issues.

Some Christians base their ethical decisions on rules that are either written in the Bible or part of the way God designed us (Natural Law). According to Natural Law it is wrong to kill - a moral absolute (a principle that applies in all circumstances), which explains the Catholic Church’s rejection of Abortion and Euthanasia.
Other Christians are more interested in the consequences of their actions. They follow Jesus’ example in trying to act in the most loving way in any situation (a theory called Situation Ethics). This explains why many churches accept abortion in the case of rape – even though abortion is an ‘evil’ act, it may be the lesser of two evils when you look at the consequences of not having an abortion.

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