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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Purpose: This “biopoem” is geared to help you have a better understanding of the characters in The Great Gatsby, gain an appreciation for poetic structure, and give you an opportunity to creatively express yourself! This should also help your classmates to better learn the characters as well.
Step 1: Draw a character at random.
Step 2: Examine the biopoem format below, and follow the directions accordingly for your assigned character.
Step 3: Share biopoem with the class!

Line 1 First Name

Line 2 Four traits that describe character (Avoid generic, cliche’ words.)

Line 3 Relative (brother, sister, daughter, etc.) of______

Line 4 Lover of _______________(list 3 things or people)

Line 5 Who feels ______________ (3 items)

Line Who needs_____________(3 items)

Line 7 Who fears____________(3 items)

Line 8 Who gives ______________(3 items)

Line 9 Who would like to see _________________(3 items)

Line 10 Resident of_______________

Line 11 Last name

*If you creatively and correctly portray the character based on the knowledge gleaned from the text, then the poem is “correct”.*

Example biopoem:


Loved, Rich, Confused, Wanting

Relative of Nick Carraway

Lover of tennis, parties, New York

Who feels confusion, sorry, pain

Who needs attention, wealth, fun

Who fears truth, family, poverty

Who gives attention, parties, conversation

Who would like to see the world, famous people, famous things

Resident of New York


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