Biography grade 6

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All Creatures Great and Small, by James Herriot, MJF Books, 1999.

Amos Fortune, Free Man, by Elizabeth Yates, E. P. Dutton, 1972.

American Hero: the True Story of Charles A Lindbergh, by Barry Denenberg, Scholastic Inc., 1996.

Invincible Louisa, the Story of the Author of Little Women, by Cornelia Meigs, Scholastic Inc., 1933.

J.R.R. Tolkien; the Man Who Created The Lord of the Rings, by Michael Coren, Scholastic Inc., 2001.

The Magic Never Ends: the Life and Works of C. S. Lewis, by John Ryan Duncan, Word Press, 2001.

Ten Queens: Portraits of Women of Power, by Milton Meltzer, Dutton Books, 1998.

Zlata's Diary, a Child's Life in Sarajevo, by Zlata Filipovic,with Christina Plribichevich-Zoric (translator), Penguin, 1995.

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