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Community foundations
make a lasting difference
in hometowns everywhere.


YOUR COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is a local nonprofit organization providing donors a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving—so their gifts do good works within the community, forever.
Community foundations across State help advance important causes through:
LOCAL EXPERTISE. Community foundations understand the issues, opportunities and resources that shape the communities they serve. They monitor all areas of community need—including human services, education, the environment, healthcare, the arts and economic development. Want to learn more about local organizations and programs that make a difference in your district? Ask your community foundation.
COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP. Community foundations bring diverse people and organizations together to address local issues and opportunities. They invest in the long term. These organizations actively and meaningfully engage residents and community leaders in improving their neighborhoods and meeting local needs. Their business: building strong communities.
STRENGTH AND STABILITY. Leaders of nonprofit organizations throughout the state look to their community foundations to accept complex gifts and hold organizational endowments on their behalf. Having a constant source of funding helps organizations of all types respond to emergency needs as well as plan for the future and sustain the good work they do.


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Making a difference
in your community

As place-based organizations that focus collective assets for good works, community foundations are helping people of all means give back and make a difference.
They offer custom solutions designed to meet personal charitable goals. Through your local community foundation, donors can give a variety of assets to strengthen community and to benefit the causes that they care about most.

Community foundations advance every cause

Major areas of investment

Community foundations are nationally recognized for their commitment to excellence in local giving—and they want to partner with you.
Designed to build endowment funds that benefit the community forever, community foundations provide much-needed support for improving the quality of life in urban centers and small towns alike. Community foundation grants benefit a wide variety of causes, including economic development, education, health, human services, environment, arts and culture.
In our state, ## community foundations also meet the nation’s highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity and accountability. National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations are the most rigorous benchmarks in philanthropy, and they indicate that community foundations have taken steps to establish sound policies and responsible practices.
Let’s talk about working together to make a lasting difference for the common good.
Contact Regional Association Name to learn more about a community foundation in your district, or to ask how community foundations can work with you to advance the public good in State.

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