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"Argentina." In CultureGrams World Edition. ProQuest. Last modified 2015. Accessed May 12, 2015.

Culturegrams was an extremely useful source; it gave me plenty of information in multiple fields, regarding both Buenos Aires and the entire country of Argentina.  The source gave me information on the government and how it works, transportation and city layout, the types of housing, the main religions and languages of Argentina, and information on the economy of Argentina and how it has grown and changed.  Overall, this source may have given me most of the facts provided on my website.


Beaches close to Buenos Aires. Photograph. Expanish. Accessed May 20, 2015.

This picture was useful because it shows the warm summer climate of Buenos Aires, with people relaxing on a beach.  It is an accurate represention of the summers in Buenos Aires.


Beunos Aires 1892. Photograph. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Accessed May 12, 2015.

This source was extremely useful for my project.  It not only gave me context as to how the city has grown, but it provides the visitors of the site a good graphic to help their understand of Buenos Aires' growth.  The map showed how Buenos Aires has extended along the coast of Argentina and become a massive port city.


Bonilla, Jose, David J. Keeling, Jose M.F. Pastor, and Joseph S. Tulchin. "Buenos Aires." In Encyclopedia Academic, edited by Vivek Abhinav, Maren Goldberg, Kenneth Pletcher, Shiveta Singh, Surahbi Sihna, Amy Tikkanen, and Grace Young. Last modified 2015. Accessed May 8, 2015.

This source was the most useful of all sources in my project.  It provided a lot of valuable information.  Most importantly, it included the history of the city, from its founding to now.  It also talked about the site and situation of Buenos Aires, as well as city layout and city housing.  Oveall, I really enjoyed using this source and using the information taken from this source.


Buenos Aires. Photograph. Argentina Dependent. Accessed May 19, 2015.

This picture is of Buenos Aires at night.  It is a useful picture because it shows the night life of Buenos Aires, which is a nice background for my project.  It is welcoming and interesting to see when the site is first opened.


"Buenos Aires." In World History in Context. Gale. Last modified 2015. Accessed May 12, 2015.

This source was very useful in providing me information regarding the migration of Jewish people in Buenos Aires.  It discusses the immigration to Buenos Aires and the increase of Jewish population in the city, to the decline of Jews and the emigration of the Jewish population back to Israel.


Buenos Aires Bus Routes. Photograph. Crazy Trip.

This picture is very important to my project; it shows the biggest transportation routes, used by the buses.  Because the buses are so widely used, the map of transport routes very clearly shows some of the ways people move around the city.


Campante, Filipe R. "Rural Capitals, Big-Time Problems Moving Argentina’s Capital From Buenos Aires Could Make Things Worse." The New York Times. Accessed May 13, 2015.

This source was both very interesting and very useful in providing me a current event to talk about.  The article discusses a potential move of the Argentinian capitol from Buenos Aires to another smaller city.  It raises many questions regarding both the advantages and disadvantages of the move.


Casa Rosada, the seat of the executive branch of government, Buenos Aires. Photograph. Countries of the World. Accessed May 19, 2015.

This picture shows the Casa Rosada, the Pink House.  It is the center of power in Argentina, and it is located in Buenos Aires.  It is a very good example of the power of government in Buenos Aires.


Chevrolet cars in the facility of General Motors in Buenos Aires. Photograph. Auto Historia. Accessed May 19, 2015.

This photo is an example of the metal and automobile manufacturing in Buenos Aires.   The photo was very useful to exemplify the manufacturing in the city, and how it started from a very early time.  The photo also shows how large-scale the manufacturing was and is today in Buenos Aires.


"Demographia World Urban Areas." Demographia. Accessed May 19, 2015.

This website was useful for one purpose, but that purpose was very important.  It showed me the estimated population of my city in 2015, which is 14,122,000 people.


The Economist Newspaper. "Justice in the Dock." The Economist. Last modified January 29, 2015. Accessed May 13, 2015.

This website was very useful to me because it gave me a current event to talk about in my website, as well as a good topic for my Buncee.  The video article discusses corruption in Buenos Aires; a prosecutor was found murdered in his bath tub hours before he planned to give a speech regarding the cover up of a terrorist attack by the president for oil trade.


"Environmental Sustainability Issues in Argentina." fsd: foundation for sustainable development. Accessed May 13, 2015.

This website was very useful in showing me some of the environmental and sustainability issues in Buenos Aires.  The website gave me data on multiple topics that are useful to the subject, including the amount of forestry, the amounts of pesticides used, the amounts of safe drinking water.,


Global corruption a bigger scourge than terrorism. Photograph. CBC News. Accessed May 20, 2015.

The picture is of people protesting corruption in Argentina.  Corruption is a serious problem in the country, and the mass protesting illustrates how the people both recognize and are trying to fight against it.


If a Tree Falls. Photograph. The Argentina Independent. Accessed May 20, 2015.

This picture is of a forest, cut down.  The picture helped me point out that in Buenos Aires, forests are being cut down to accommodate he growing city, and it is bad for the environment.  It cuts down on the habitats for wildlife, and it can hurt the atmosphere; two very important topics related to the sustainability of the city.


Pato: Argentina’s National Sport. Photograph. The Argentina Independent. Accessed May 19, 2015.

The picture is of the Argentinian national sport, El Pato.  This picture both helps me and my website.  I did not know what the sport was at first, and I believe the picture will help give my viewers context as to what the sport El Pato is about.


Public Transport - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photograph. Buenos Aires 54. Accessed May 19, 2015.

The picture is of two buses travelling in Buenos Aires.  I found this picture to be very useful because it illustrated one key point.  As seen in the picture, two separate buses are going around the same corner.  The picture shows the crowded but also efficient transportation system in Buenos Aires, something important to my website.


SSPX disrupts interfaith service at Buenos Aires cathedral. Photograph. Free Republic. Accessed May 19, 2015.

The picture is of a famous cathedral in Buenos Aires.  This picture is very useful to me, because it illustrates the large Roman Catholic influence in the city, and shows off some of the architecture in Buenos Aires related to the religions of the people.


Stock Photo of Argentina, Buenos Aires, soccer game of Boca Juniors vs Newell's Old Boys in, Argentina Boca won 31. Photograph. FOTOSEARCH. Accessed May 19, 2015.

This is a picture of a soccer stadium cheering at a soccer game.  This picture is very important to my website for a few reasons.  Soccer is one of the most beloved games in Argentina, and watching the game is a major pastime of the Argentinian people.  The picture illustrates the facts shown by my website.


Supreme court Buenos Aires. Photograph. The Argentina Independent. Accessed May 19, 2015.

This picture was very useful for my website because it illustrates the government of Buenos Aires.  The picture is of the Supreme Court building of Buenos Aires, a very influential building clearly related to the local and federal government.  


USA Government. "South America: Argentina." CIA World Factbook. Accessed May 13, 2015.

The CIA World Factbook provided very valuable information, showing me important demographics like GDP in Billions and GDP per Capita, as well as other statistics.  The source was very important because it contributed information towards the economics section of my website.


Walking Buenos Aires. Photograph. Flickr. Accessed May 20, 2015.

This photo provided me with an example of people moving throughout the city of Buenos Aires, and example of migration.  It is important to represent migration in some way on my website, because it is a large part of Buenos Aires' history.


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