Bibliography : Re-Membering Marie Antoinette I. Selections from Biographies

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Bibliography : Re-Membering Marie Antoinette

I. Selections from Biographies :
Fraser, Antonia. Marie Antoinette:The Journey. New York: Doubleday, 2001.
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II. Correspondence :

Bernier, Olivier. Secrets of Marie Antoinette. A Collection of Letters. New York: Fromm International, 1986.

III. Literary documents :

Bastide, Jean-François. The Little House. An Architectural Seduction. Princeton: Princeton Architectural Press, 1997 [1774].

Gouges, Olympe de. La France sauvée, ou le tyran détrôné, unfinished play, 1792.
Selection of pamphlets : Anomymous. The Love Life of Charlie and Toinette.

Anonymous. The Austrian Woman on a RAMPAGE or the Royal Orgy.

Anonymous. The Testament of Marie Antoinette, the Widow Capet.

Trans. Julie Rose. Chantal Thomas. In The Wicked Queen : The Origins of the Myth of Marie Antoinette. New York : Zone Books, 2001

IV. Scholarly essays and sources :
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of an Artist in the Age of Revolution : 37-47
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V. Online and electronic sources :
Château de Versailles @
The Encyclopedia of Diderot & d’Alembert Collaborative Translation Project


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« French Furniture in the Eighteenth Century : Case Furniture. »The Metropolitan Museum of Art @

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Trial of Marie Antoinette, late Queen of France, before the Revolutionary Tribunal at Paris: compiled from a manuscript sent from Paris and from the journals of the Moniteur / the whole carefully revised and corrected by the conductor of the times.
London :  Printed and sold at the Logographic-Press,  [1793] vi, 82 p. [electronic resource].

VI. Bibliography on reserve for research on objects and space:
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Miscellaneous, short descriptions about all aspects of society in the Paris of the 1780s

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