Bible History Master List Day 1 Classroom Rules and Regulations and Class Procedures ot – 1 Creation of the Modern Bible Bible

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Gutenberg printing press

Bible didn’t want the Bible in English

John Wycliffe

  • Wycliffe has been called the “Morning Star of the Reformation”

  • He boldly questioned papal authority

  • The Pope reproved Wycliffe for his heretical teachings and asked that Oxford University dismiss him

  • But Oxford and the government stood by him – he was able to survive the Pope’s assault

  • Wycliffe believed that the way to prevail in his struggle with the church’s abusive authority was to make the Bible available to all people

  • And he wanted it to be in their own language – Then they could read for themselves about how they could have a personal relationship with God

  • Wycliffe and his associates completed the New Testament in 1380 and the Old Testament in 1382

  • Wycliffe and his associates were unfamiliar with the original Hebrew and Greek – they translated the Latin text into English

  • Many of his contemporaries didn’t like that he did this

William Tyndale

  • William Tyndale was born in the age of the Renaissance

  • By the time he was 30 he was committed to translating the Bible into English

  • In 1523 Tyndale went to London seeking a place to work on his translation

  • In 1524 he went from London to Germany, because the English church was still under the iron grip of the Papacy

  • He met Martin Luther while in Germany – He was very familiar with Luther’s German translation of the NT (1522)

  • Tyndale completed his translation in 1525 (He only finished the NT, he was working on the OT at the time of his death)

  • 15 thousand copies were smuggled into England between the years 1525-1530

  • Church authorities did the best they could to confiscate copies of Tyndale’s translations and burn them

  • Tyndale himself could not return to England because his life was in danger since the Translation had been banned

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