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Split between the Hebrews and Arabs

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Split between the Hebrews and Arabs
OT – 10 – Sacrifice of Isaac

Ancient Near East practices on Child Sacrifice

Deutoronomy and Leviticus forbade the practice

Molech worship

  • National god of the Ammonites

  • Worship of this deity , which was accompanied by sacrificing children in the fire, was strictly prohibited by Israel

God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac

Isaac or Ishmael?

Isaac’s concerns

Sacrifice of Isaac

Sacrifice avoided

Ram in the thicket

Christian connection to this Story

Descendents given the promised land

Mt Moriah today

  • Many of the most famous stories in the Bible mingle together at Mt. Moriah

    1. It is the site of Jacob’s dream of the Stairway to Heaven

    1. Hill of Jerusalem where Mel-chizedek reigned as priest and king of Salem

    1. David conquered the city, making it the Capital city and renaming it the “City of David”

    2. Solomon’s Temple was built on the summit of the Mountain

    1. Originally the stone was used for a threshing floor, it is where the Ark of the Covenant rested

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