Bible History Master List Day 1 Classroom Rules and Regulations and Class Procedures ot – 1 Creation of the Modern Bible Bible

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Eating utensils and bowls


  • The men of Israel paid little attention to the passing fads and fashions of surrounding nations

  • Their clothing styles remained unchanged from generation to generation

  • The basics for the Jewish man was simple – an inner garment, and outer garment, a girdle and sandals

  • Any variation of this outfit was in the quality of the fabrics, detailing in the cut of the cloth, or in the colors used

  • Quite practically, these clothes were the best for the hot climate in which the Jews lived

The Tunic or Inner Garment

  • It was left its natural color

  • The tunic was really just a sack with openings cut in the head and arms to pass through

  • So that the seller could prove that the tunic was unused

  • When a man was wearing just the inner garment or tunic, he was considered naked

The Outer Garment

  • The Outer garment worn by Bible men was kind of an outer coat worn over the lighter fabric of the inner garment

  • For warmth the outer garments were made of a thick woolen material or goat’s hair

  • At night fall the owner wrapped himself in this cloak to sleep

  • A rich man’s overcoat resembled a dressing gown with wide sleeves

  • The earliest cloaks were made of two pieces, with a seam that ran horizontally across the waistline

The Belt or the “Girdle”

  • The girdle was the belt worn by men of the Bible

  • The girdle was made of a wide band of colorful cloth

  • Elijah and John the Baptist wore girdles of leather

  • The expression “to gird up the loins” refers to a method of tucking the robe up between the legs and into the belt

  • This allowed the men to work much more freely

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