Berry III, William -course Selection 22-23

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Berry III, William -Course Selection 22-23 (1)

Wylie East High School
Course Selection 2022-2023 Response Form
Student Last Name Berry III
Student First Name William
ID #: 126716
Phone Number 2146814347
Grade Level in 22-23: Senior (Class of 2023)
Your Counselor Coers (Last name A-Ce)
Colleges I am interested in Jackson State, Southern University, North Carolina A&T
Potential College Major Robotic Engineering & Civil Engineering
Endorsement: STEM
Core Courses
English Course English 4
Math Course PreCalculus
Science Course Physics
Social Studies Course Government/Economics
Elective Course 1: Robotics 3
Elective Course 2: Band
Elective Course 3: Civil Engineering and Architecture
Alternative Courses
Alternative Course 1: Construction Technology I
Alternative Course 2: Video Game Design
Alternative Course 3: Introduction to Engineering Design PLTW

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