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  • GDR- German Democratic Republic, also known as East Germany. Was Soviet controlled and communist (socialist). Existed from the end of WWII until 1990.

  • SED- Socialist Unity Party of Germany. Ruling political party in East Germany. Influenced heavily by Soviet Union.

  • Strasse- German word for street

Go to:

Construction of the wall

  1. In what year was construction on the wall started?

  2. By who?

  3. Why

  1. What happened to houses and apartment buildings that were on the border between East and West Berlin?

Click on Facts and Figures: Watch the video “Walled In”

Scroll down to Victims of the Wall and The “shoot-to-kill” order

  1. How many people tried to escape East Germany between 1961-1988?

  2. When were border guards finally ordered to stop using firearms to prevent people from crossing the border?

Click on Opening of the Wall

  1. What mistake led to people being able to escape East Germany?

  1. How many people ended up crossing the border after the mistake was made?

  1. What led to the eventual destruction of the Berlin Wall?

Go to: Brief history of the wall:

Go to: The 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall Google Doodle on YouTube:

  1. Why are there pieces of the wall in so many places around the world? What do you think the wall represents?

Go to:

  1. How were Regina and Eckhard able to meet each other?

  1. How did Regina escape East Germany?

  1. How do you think the wall affected other families, groups of people?

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