Beowulf Themes Goodness conquers evil

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Beowulf Themes

  1. Goodness conquers evil. (Beowulf, of course, represents goodness; the three monsters that he slays represent evil.)

  2. Actions (Beowulf's) speak louder than words (Unferth's).  

  3. Judge the greatness of a human being by the greatness of his deeds and his noble ancestry.

  4. Help thy neighbor. (Beowulf risks his life to help a neighbor, King Hrothgar, in trouble.)

  5. Forces of darkness–irrational and menacing–are always at work in society.

  6. Life is a continuing struggle. After Beowulf defeats Grendel, Grendel's mother seeks revenge. Beowulf kills her. Eventually, in old age, he faces still another challenge, this time from a dragon. He kills the dragon, too, but suffers a mortal wound. After he dies, new troubles loom on the horizon in the form of wars with neighboring tribes (That isn’t in your book.) There’s always something!

  7. To be loyal is to selflessly make sacrifices for a loved one. (Wiglaf to Beowulf, Beowulf to Hrothgar)

Directory: cms -> lib -> NC01001395 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 1469
Domain -> Heart of Darkness
Domain -> Directions: You may download these questions from my website and simply type your answers in the color of your choice, with a name and color legend. Section I
1469 -> World Myths Unit Essential Question
1469 -> Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine
1469 -> Fairy Tales The Grimm Brothers
1469 -> Madame Schachter and the flame on the image above, create
1469 -> Mon 9/15 Renaissance, Henry and Anne Anne of the Thousand Days Read Thomas More’s Utopia and complete t-chart for Weds. The assignment is on the back. Tue 9/16
1469 -> Satire: a genre that ridicules vice or folly. Parody
1469 -> Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine
1469 -> The Epic of Gilgamesh Hero’s Journey Project

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