Beowulf” Analysis – p. 42 – Give the mood or feeling of alliteration in lines 1 and Menacing mood; evil

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Beowulf” Analysis –

p. 42 – 1. Give the mood or feeling of alliteration in lines 1 and 2.

Menacing mood; evil
p. 44 – 2. Give the universal theme of lines 23-39.
Good triumphing over evil; God vs. Devil
p. 44  - 3. Give the tone of lines 44-49 and the words that convey the tone.
Tone of great sorrow and mourning
p. 45 – 4. Lines 64-81 – What does this passage describe?
How the evil Grendel wages war against the Danes
p. 47 – 5. Lines 141-160 – Why does Beowulf come to see Hrothgar?
Beowulf volunteers his services since he has been so successful in his previous heroic accomplishments
p. 47 – 6. Give the impression of Beowulf that his remarks to Hrothgar suggest.
An epic hero that is bold and confident and has performed many heroic deeds
p. 48 – 7.  Lines 160-189 – Why does Beowulf insist that “my hands alone shall fight for me?
Grendel doesn’t use weapons, so if Beowulf fights him with his bare hands, he will have an advantage.
p. 49 – 8. What values/morals are reflected in the Hrothgar speech in lines 190-207?
Freindship, loyalty, and courage -- Hrothgar helped Beowulf’s father defeat a warring tribe known as the Wulfings.
The Battle with Grendel
p. 51 – 9. Lines 268-288 – Give character traits of an epic hero that Beowulf displays.
Courage, superhuman strength, faces Grendel without a weapon, seizes grendel’s claws,  will not allow Grendel’s escape.
p. 52 – 10. Lines 293-300 – Give the sensory details of sound that relate to the battle.
Loud raucous noise
p. 53 – 11. Lines 337-358 – What happens to Grendel?
Grendel loses his arm and shoulder and returns to his den to die.
p. 53 – 12. Lines 337-358 – Give images of sight that bring life to the poem
1) Twisting in pain

2) Snapped muscle and bone split and broke

3) Grendel’s arm and claw hanging from the rafters
p. 54 – 13. Lines 348-353 – Discuss textual examples that show how important Beowulf is to the Danes.
Beowulf saves the Danes from Grendel; Ends the Danes’ grief and sorrow...Beowulf has been bold and strong and killed a fierce monster.

Grendel’s Mother
p. 55 – 14. Line 411 – Why does Grendel’s mother kill one of the Danes? Whatis the significance of that certain victim?
To avenge her son’s death --- the warrior is Hrothgar’s closest friend...irony
p.  56 – 15. Lines 425-446 – Discuss the visual images that detail the home of Grendel’s mother.
dark, dank lair at the bottom of a cold gloomy lake
p. 56 – 16. Lines 425-446 – list some details of setting that create a threatening mood.
Dangerous gloomy lake, windy cliffs, black clouds, dark
The Battle with Grendel’s Mother
p. 57 – 17. Lines 450-458 – Give the details of Grendel’s mother’s lair.
Dark and at the depths of a lake -- suggests descension into hell
p. 58 – 18. Lines 464-474 – Give the details of battle that provoke high drama and are characteristic of an epic.
An underwater battle in a fiery lake
p. 59 – 19. Lines 458-512 – Where does the battle take place?
Inside a battle hall at the bottom of this  lake where Grendel’s mother resides
p. 59 – 20. Lines 458-512 – Analyze suspense in these lines.
Beowulf is vulnerable for the first time...His weapons are ineffective...His armor saves him when she takes his down and draws the dagger.
p. 59 – 21. How is this a contemporary battle?
The super hero vs. the mighty enemy - movies such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman
p. 60 – 22. Lines 540-583 - Give the shifts in setting in this passage.
Bottom of the lake to the edge of the lake to Beowulf swimming up land...
p. 61 – 23. Lines 587-594 – Why would the Geats want the Danes to see Grendel’s skull?
For proof that Beowulf had killed the monster
Beowulf’s Last Battle

p. 62 – 24. lines 606-612 – List what these lines foreshadow and how.

Beowulf’s death

p. 63 – 25. Lines 616-644 – List images that set the stage for “Beowulf’s climatic battle with the dragon.

The dragon’s hot breath; Sees the fire and smells the smoke; Feels the earth shake and the depth of his heart beat.

p. 63 – 26. Evaluate whether you think this is a battle of equals or is Beowulf the underdog? Explain your response.

Underdog – bc/ he is 50 years older than when he fought Grendel; Smaller than the dragon; Flames can melt his weaponry.

p. 64 – 27. Lines 668-671 – List the qualities of the epic hero.

Bewoulf continues to fight against long odds; He’s going to fight until his death…No turning back for the epic hero.

p. 64 – 28. Lines 691-696 – Give the heroic values and their examples.

Loyalty, Strength and courage, kinship

p. 65 – 29. Lines 708-735 – How does Wiglaf’s speech show that he is different from his comrades.

Beowulf’s run away from the dragon and Wiglaf stays and admonishes their behavior.

The Death of Beowulf

p. 66 – 30. lines 736-738 – What has happened to Beowulf?

Mortally wounded

p. 66 – 31. Same lines – What is the poet’s view of fate base on these lines?

Your life is a certain length (destiny)

p. 67 – 32. Summarize the details of Beowulf’s speech of his 50-year reign in lines 744-745. Give examples.

Peacefulness; justice; loyalty, honesty, bravery

p. 68 – 33. Lines 789-794 – Identify the kennings and who they refer to in these lines.

Dragon – “fire-spitting terror”; Beowulf – “grey-bearded lord of the Geats”

p. 68 – 34. Lines 812-819 – Why is it important for Beowulf to leave a legacy?

So future people remember him as a hero

p. 69 – 35. Lines 832-862 – What has just happened to Beowulf?

Beowulf dies after his long speech that recants his life

p. 69 – 36. Same lines as in 35 – How are Beowulf’s followers looked upon and how do you know?

cowards” “traitors” “shamefaced jackals”

p. 70 – 37. Paraphrase what the poet says in these lines about “Mourning Beowulf.”

Euologizes Beowulf for all of his accolades

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