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Proposal Format

1111 Wells Branch Parkway

Austin, Texas 78728

March 6, 2005

John Smith

Save-Our-Trees Organization

221 Mopac Expressway

Austin, Texas 78758

Enclosed is a proposal for a report on the effects of deforestation on the local environment of Brazil and the Amazon as requested in your ad posted in the National Geographic magazine. This proposal contains background information, a tentative outline of the guide and graphics and the estimated cost of productions. Also included is a list of sources used to research this problem. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the prospect of working with you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at (512)-333-2220.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Some Person

Research Technician

Smith Associates

Attachment: proposal



Write An Background Report On The Effects Of Deforestation On The Local Environment

The following is a proposal, as requested in the advertisement National Geographic Magazine, to write a background report about deforestation in the Amazon and the effects on the local environment. This proposal contains background information, a tentative outline of its contents and the costs and charges estimated for the production of this much needed report. Although it will contain technical information, it will be easily read and understood by anyone with a standard eighth-grade reading level.

Need For a Report

Trees are among the most valuable resources on our planet. They provide oxygen to breathe, homes for birds, food for animals and help prevent erosion. The Rainforests are even more important since they house tens of thousands of species of rare animals and plants, some of which have not been identified. Every year over 9,000 square miles of Rainforest are cut down in the name of progress. Among the top reasons for this needless destruction of the rainforest are cattle pastures, colonization, agriculture, and not surprisingly logging. By clear-cutting the rainforests, we are destroying the habitats of literally thousands of animals and thousands of unknown plants. These plants are a rich resource of biological and genetic research. The eradication of these plants could possibly destroy a cure for a horrible disease such as AIDS or cancer. If something is not done about this wanton destruction, the planet faces dire consequences in the way of global atmosphere changes. In extreme cases, deforestation can lead to the arrival of new disease to the civilized world. As loggers move further into uninhabited lands, they encounter new and unknown microorganisms that lead to diseases such as Ebola and Lassa fever. If deforestation continues at the rate that it has been going 80-90 percent of the worlds rainforests will have been destroyed by 2020.

Benefits of a Report

The report will be written mainly for lobbyists and loggers. The main points of the guidebook will be to explain the consequences of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. It will have a few charts and diagrams to enhance understanding. The reader will not need to have any technical knowledge, only an eighth-grade reading level.

Description of the Final Product

The report will be approximately ten pages long and include several easy to follow graphics and charts. The cover will be a heavy-weight paper. The report will be banned on the right and have a protective plastic cover. This offers most efficient production to fit the need.

The following is a working outline on how the report will be set up. It shows the sections and details of the report.

  1. Introduction

  1. What is a rainforest

  2. Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

  3. Who lives there

  1. Characteristics of Rainforests

  1. Structure

  2. Climate

  3. Precipitation

  1. Reasons for Deforestation

  1. Cattle Pasture

  2. Colonization

  3. Agriculture

  4. Logging

  1. Consequences of Deforestation

  1. Erosion

  2. Disease

  3. Climate change

  4. Extinction

  5. Global Climate

  6. Loss of natural resources

  1. Solutions

  1. Sustainable Development

  2. Rehabilitation

  3. Establishment of protected areas

  1. Conclusion

Diagrams and Sources
The following is a list of the graphics that will be presented in the guidebook:

  1. Increase in Deforestation (1978-2003) (Graph)

  2. Deforestation (Graphic)

Amazon Rainforest. Earthrenewal. [web page]; [Accessed March 05, 2005].
Deforestation in the Amazon 2004. [web page]; [Accessed March 5, 2005].
More literature will be obtained for this research.


The initial cost of production will be as follows:

Write, edit, review


Develop graphics


Cover and Binding


Duplicating (in cases of 100)

$ 800



Project Schedule

The proposed time schedule for this project will be as follows:

March 23

Starting research

March 27

Detailed outline sent for review

April 07

Preliminary draft sent for review

April 14

Graphics produced

April 21

Finalize preliminary draft

April 28

Final copy forwarded

May 08

Deliver first shipment

My Qualifications

In my 10 years as a Research Technician at Smith Associates, I have worked on numerous projects that involve Deforestation and loss of habitat for indigenous creatures. I have also completed reports on Ozone Depletion, Global Warming, and Pollution. My educational qualifications include a Masters degree from Texas A&M.

With this in mind, I hope you realize that we here at Halff Associates and the Save-our-Trees Organization, are professional individuals with one common goal ---To inform the public the best we can. Writing this report brings us one step closer.

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