Bell Work Analyze and interpret the three political cartoons

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Bell Work – Analyze and interpret the three political cartoons



Your interpretation

Actual Interpretation

Cartoonists feelings towards American imperialism?





The Age of Imperialism

I._______________________: When one country takes over another country or region to exert _________________, militarily and or politically. In a colony, ______________ come to an area and take _________________. With an empire, one country __________ another country from ______.
II. Causes of American Imperialism
Question: America went from being an isolationist nation to a world power in 30 short years. How & why did this happen?

    1. A shrinking ______________must expand: Industrialists were looking for new markets to sell their_____________. The beginnings of a _____________ economy!

    2. Economic ________________: European countries like England, France and Germany already had ____________ of foreign territories (like China and Africa).

    3. Imperialism was just an extension of “______________ destiny”. Now that the U.S. reached from coast to coast, it only made since for Americans to continue to reach out and conquer new territories.

      1. Social ________________& survival of the ______________ also fits in here.

    4. There were many who believed that the U. S. needed a stronger ____________ (Alfred Mahan) and therefore needed new overseas __________ for fueling and supplying those ships going to East Asia.

    5. Helping indigenous people and spreading___________________. If you believe that . . .

III. The Spanish American War (1898)

A. How did the war begin?

      1. ____________: those who seek ____ to enhance their nation’s honor (& profits)

      2. _____________Journalism: Newspapers that overstated facts and tried to stir the _____________ so citizens would want war.

      3. The sinking of the USS ___________ in Havana Harbor. 260 American Sailors died. Shortly thereafter, the U. S. declares _______ on Spain (which controlled Cuba). The main objective of the war was to free Cubans from Spanish control.

B. What did the U. S. get from “the _______________ Little War”?

1. control of ___________ and ___________ Rico

2. control of the ____________________

3. control of _______

C. Theodore Roosevelt (TR) gets famous:

His “____________ Riders” charged up _______________________ in Cuba made TR famous. However, he & his men would have died if it were not for the real heroics of the 24th & 25th Negro Infantry regiments (the _______________Soldiers).

IV. Territories the U.S. Acquired

    1. _____________ was acquired (__________________) thanks to that pineapple guy (Sanford _________). 1898

    2. ______________ was also annexed in 1899

    3. Increased control of _____________ thanks to the “__________ __________ Policy”. China was really controlled by Russia, Germany, France, England and Japan. The U. S. wanted an ___________ slice of the “China” pie, so the US asserts that it also has claim to China with its “________ _________” statement. Secretary of State John ______ created the policy.

V. American Diplomacy during the Age of Imperialism

A. TR (b/c Pres in 1901 until 1908)

      • Roosevelt C______________: TR wanted South American countries to behave themselves. If you don’t treat American banks and investors nicely, we might have to invade your country!! “Speak __________, but carry a big _____________!”

      • Great ___________ Fleet: TR sent the U.S. _________ on a world tour to show other nations how strong the U.S. military really was

      • _____________ Canal: the Spanish American War proved to many that a canal connecting the ______________ and ___________ Oceans was badly needed. Of course, the U. S. must control this canal, so TR helps Panamanians rebel against the Columbians. Then Panama declares its independence. US and the new nation of Panama agree on the terms for the Panama Canal.

B. William Taft:

“______________Diplomacy”: he wanted businessmen to _______________ in South American & East Asian countries. It worked well in the Caribbean, but not in East Asia.

  1. What stopped America’s Age of Imperialism? _________________


  1. What is imperialism? __________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What lands did America acquire during it’s Age of Imperialism? _______________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What territories did America gain from the Spanish American War? _______________________________________________________________________________

  1. Which of those territories is still controlled by the United States? _______________________________

  1. What were the main causes of American Imperialism? ________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. How did Teddy Roosevelt treat Latin America while he was president? __________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. How did Taft treat Latin America while he was president? ____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What country did the Open Door Policy relate to? _____________________

  1. What was the purpose of the Open Door Policy? ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What was yellow journalism? ___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Analyze the political cartoon below. List the symbols in the cartoon, state the interpretation (message) of the cartoon and explain if the cartoonist favored or opposed American imperialism.

Message: _________________________________________________________________________________
Cartoonist’s beliefs: _________________________________________________________________________

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