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Ceija StojkaBorn Kraubath bei Knittelfeld, Austria 1933
This is an ID card about a Gypsy child during the Holocaust and how she and her family were targeted. This is a good piece to use as context for other pieces of evidence.

Context for Gypsy artifacts: map of ghettoes and camps where gypsies were taken

Dr. Robert Ritter and his associate Eva Justin taking a blood sample as part of their racial research on Gypsies. Landau, Germany, 1938. Bundesarchiv, Koblenz. Germany
This piece of evidence has a long caption that teachers may want to shorten or cut. This picture is very similar to the first picture above, so using them together may be redundant.


Photograph with the caption: "...because God cannot want the sick and ailing to reproduce." This image originates from a film, produced by the Reich Propaganda Ministry, that aimed through propaganda to develop public sympathy for the Euthanasia Program.

Propaganda slide produced by the Reich Propaganda Office showing the opportunity cost of feeding a person with a hereditary disease. The illustration shows that an entire family of healthy Germans can live for one day on the same 5.50 Reichsmarks it costs to support one ill person for the same amount of time.

Propaganda slide featuring a chart produced by the Reich Propaganda Office showing that in 1936 the total cost of caring for 880,000 people ill with hereditary disease was 1200 million Reichsmarks, which was almost double the 713 million RM spent on the administration of the national,state, and local government

Helene Lebel, raised as a Catholic in Vienna, Austria, first showed signs of mental illness when she was nineteen. Her condition worsened until she had to give up her law studies and her job as a legal secretary. This is an ID card that describes what happened to Helene during the Holocaust. She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and killed in an euthanasia center. This piece would work well as a context piece.

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