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Ideology Derivation Assimilate

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Ideology Derivation Assimilate

National Socialism Regime Ghetto

Perpetrator Internment Soviets

Propaganda Systematic Commissar

Bolshevik Gypsies/Roma/Sinti Mete

Contagion Eugenicist Allege

Induction Homosexual Jehovah’s Witness

Reich mark Euthanasia Poles

Handicapped Homogeneity Miscegenation

**These words are defined on the back of the Journal handout for students to refer to during the lesson.


Because many students believe that the Jews were the only victims of the Nazi Holocaust, they are under the misconception that the Holocaust was carried out independent of the larger goals of the Nazi regime.

By studying the other victims of the Holocaust, students will come to understand the event within the context of both Nazi racial policy and Nazi war goals. In this lesson students work collaboratively to identify other victims of the Holocaust and analyze some of the reasons related to the Nazi ideology for their victimization. Learning to look at the details in artifacts is an important skill that students will use to reach their conclusions. The cooperative nature of this lesson also encourages students to develop their own ideas as well as listen to those of their peers.

Goals and Objectives:

-Students will develop a knowledge of other groups who were victimized in the Holocaust.
-Students will understand how the goals/policies of Nazi ideology rationalized the actions of the Nazis.
-Students will understand the wide-spread impact and effectiveness of Nazi racial policies on all victim groups.

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