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Formal Assessment

  • Students will be assessed based on their journal entries at the beginning of the lesson, the artifact contemplation sheet they complete in groups, and by using homework assignment for further discussion

  • The journal response at the beginning of class requires students to draw on prior knowledge provided in a previous lesson on Nazi ideology. It also requires them to predict how the ideologies impacted a certain victim group. A follow up journal activity in a following lesson will ask for reflection on their predictions and information learned in this lesson.

  • The artifact contemplation sheet requires students to use analytical skills to determine messages sent by the artifacts supplied. They must compare and contrast two different artifacts and synthesize that information for conclusions. Active reading and viewing of written and visual materials is an essential skill that students must utilize in this activity.

  • The exit card at the end of class will allow immediate feedback on whether or not students understand how effective the Nazi ideologies were. Requiring them to give a specific example will require them to provide support for their answer.
Informal Assessment

  • Informal assessment will take place during teaching with verbal assessment after each activity. With the journal entry, the teacher should use a method to randomly call on students to share their opinions to assess their prior knowledge.

  • During the group work, the teacher should monitor and constantly assess student progress, adjusting where necessary.

  • The debriefing session after the group activities provides another opportunity for informal assessment when the groups share their conclusions. Even with different artifacts, both sets of groups should reach the same conclusion about the Nazi Ideology that was used to target each group.

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