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Jehovah’s Witness Statement of faith to the Nazi Government

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Jehovah’s Witness Statement of faith to the Nazi Government. This document was released to the Nazi government by the Jehovah’s Witnesses giving their position statement and taking a stand against the Germans.

WOLFGANG KUSSEROW Born Bochum, Germany March 1, 1922 This ID card gives the testimony of Wolfgang, who died resisting the German authorities and persisted in holding underground Bible studies in his home. This would be a good use as context for the Statement of Faith to the Nazi Government.


The spread of Homosexuality. Diagram of the spreading "contagion" of homosexuality from individual number 1 to 28 others. The Nazis believed that the agent of "infection" was the "seduction" by one man of another. K. W. Gauhl, Statistische Untersuchungen über Gruppenbildung bei Jugendlichen . . . (1940), 82/UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM #379

Name: Friedrich–Paul von Groszheim Date of Birth: April 27, 1906 Place of Birth: Luebeck, Germany

This ID card tells the story of a man arrested under Paragraph 175 and refused entrance into the military.

Among the personal responses to the growing police attention to individual homosexual's lives was the "protective marriage" to give the appearance of conformity. Paul Otto (left) married the woman behind him with her full knowledge that his long-time partner was Harry (right). Berlin, 1937. Private Collection, Berlin/UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM #073

If you further take into account the facts I have not yet mentioned, namely that with a static number of women, we have two million men too few on account of those who fell in the war [of 1914-18], then you can well imagine how this imbalance of two million homosexuals and two million war dead, or in other words a lack of about four million men capable of having sex, has upset the sexual balance sheet of Germany, and will result in a catastrophe.

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